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Force vs. Spirit

During the rain both teams showed up and played a great game. Brian McCaffery had several goals for the Force, Jack Phoenix played good defense and made quality passes to his teammates, Evie Pepe and Caroline Cournoyer both had good ball control and hustle, Emily Verre was a strong defensive force, and Marshall Mondu also displayed good ball control and hustle.

Comets vs. Kixx

David Kimetto, Jacob Myers and Mathew McMahon scored goals and exhibited tremendous hustle throughout the match. Baylie Rajaniemi, Kayla Landino and Mackenzie McGuirk worked hard to control the ball through midfield against a tough defensive squad. Their persistence within the crowd resulted in some passes that led to more than one of the Comets’ goals. Kaylin Gass, and Joseph and Rachel McGuirk played hard and were always close to the action and ready to help out their teammates.

For the Kixx, Daniel Abbott possessed the ball for much of the first quarter, finally resulting in a goal. Teammates Erin Bougeois, Dustin Tortora and Alexandra Sheehan also scored in the first quarter. The great match-up continued with many shots on goal by all of the Kixx, with more goals scored by Emily Plummer and Blayre Piper. Allison Hannon, Olivia Spoth and Frank Bester displayed strong defensive skills, keeping team Comet from scoring on several attempts.

Phantom game

Garrett Leao made some great defensive blocking moves, dodged through the offense well, and scored a goal. Kathryn Tarantino had a good drive play. Marina Spagnolo positioned herself well to be open for passes. Felicia Spoth scored a goal and had a terrific breakaway run. Connor Clermont played well offensively. Kelsey Carlson and Delaney York teamed up to work the ball back and forth down the field. Ryan Accomazzo made a steal and kicked in a goal. Christie Rose Woodside did some good passing. Ryan Ludford did a nice breakout play.

Fire vs. Bulldogs

Grace Young led the offense with multiple goals. Sophie Darabarias, Dimitry Jean-Laurent, Alexis Wooldridge and Jessica Bramlett also played well, each scoring several goals. Molly Briss made two excellent passes to create scoring opportunities. Riley Patenaude and Katie Bramlett showed some mean hustle to bring the ball up the field. Vincent Sabatino and Dimitry Jean-Laurent held back the Bulldogs by making some nice saves.

Galaxy vs. Breakers

All the Galaxy players showed great teamwork and hustle. Seth Drahusz led the scoring, while Chris TenBroeck and Dylan Petito also contributed with goals and exciting offensive play. Sam Cousins and Kathryn Diaz showed great passing and ball control. Max Phoenix and Madison Koutrouba were forces on defense. Rachel Tortura had a breakaway goal late in the game. Elizabeth Malley had a great corner kick and Samantha Lynch disrupted a number of offensive drives by the Breakers.


United vs. Freedom

The United played with a lot of heart. Hannah Sheldon played an amazing defensive game, showing great skill tackling the Freedom forwards and disrupting offensive drives all day long. Victoria Vitale and Taylor Keating both scored their first goals of the year by showing great determination, following up on their shots and refusing to give up on offense. Mitchel Tine added many scoring chances, but some incredible Freedom goaltending kept the ball out of the back of the net. Owen Wetherell, Rylan Grodin and Evan Rist continued to add solid passing to ignite the offensive game.

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