GROTON — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, May 17, and Thursday, May 24:

Thursday, May 17

A.M. 12:01, Boston Road, area check; 8:33, Station Avenue, vandalism; 10:53, West Main Street and Long Hill Road, motor-vehicle complaint.

P.M. 2:31, Peabody Street, motor-vehicle lockout; 3:05, Main Street, accident with property damage; 4:36, Farmers Row, request for ambulance; 7:12, Maple Avenue, area check; 8:44, Boston Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 9:45, Townsend Road, area check; 11:14, Longley Road, accident with property damage.

Friday, May 18

A.M. 1:54, Main Street, area check; 7:08, Adams Avenue, business alarm; 9:24, Willowdale Road, house lockout; 11:43, Main Street, motor-vehicle complaint.

P.M. 12:30, Main Street, fraud; 12:50, Main Street, DARE assignment; 1:37, Boston Road, business alarm; 3:51, Boston Road, motor-vehicle lockout; 4:48, Hillside Avenue, request for ambulance; 5:18, Powderhouse Road, fire alarm.

Saturday, May 19

A.M. 12:15, Main Street, area check; 12:27, Boston Road, vehicle disabled; 12:56, Main Street, area check; 1:59, Reedy Meadow Road, accident with property damage; 2:18, Lovers Lane, building found open; 2:40, Lost Lake Drive, suspicious vehicle; 3:15, Main Street, area check; 10:43, unlisted location, motor-vehicle complaint.

P.M. 1:17, unlisted location, motor-vehicle complaint.

Sunday, May 20

A.M. 1:04, Main Street, area check; 1:58, unlisted location, motor-vehicle complaint; 5:49, Main Street, vehicle disabled; 5:52, Main Street, business alarm; 8:26, Main Street, business alarm; 11:04, Old Dunstable Road, accident with personal injury; 11:31, Indian Hill Road, residential alarm.

P.M. 12:34, Lowell Road, domestic related; 5:19, Lowell Road, business alarm.

Monday, May 21

A.M. 12:21, Boston Road, area check; 12:22, Chicopee Row, area check; 12:26, Boston Road, area check; 12:31, Boston Road, area check; 12:39, Main Street and Station Avenue, equipment violation; 8:12, Windmill Hill Road, request for ambulance.

P.M. 2:11, Kirk Farm and Nashua roads, accident with property damage; 3:49, Townsend Road, area check; 5:36, Chicopee Row, parking violation; 5:42, Boston Road, vehicle disabled.

Tuesday, May 22

A.M. 12:06, Chicopee Row, area check; 12:26, Boston Road, area check; 8:52, Boston Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 9:34, Main Street, DARE assignment; 9:57, Champney Street, parking violation; 10:05, Hollis Street, traffic hazard; 11:58, Townsend Road, animal bite.

P.M. 12:22, Flavell Road, breaking and entering into building; 4:11, Townsend Road, animal bite; 6:34, Main Street, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, May 23

A.M. 12:00, Chicopee Row, area check; 7:19, Old Ayer Road, found property; 8:55, Townsend Road, animal complaint; 11:19, unlisted location, motor-vehicle complaint; 11:30, Fawn Terrace Lance, fire; 11:34, Chicopee Row, motor-vehicle lockout.

P.M. 1:20, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport; 1:21, Whiley Road, larceny over $250; 1:37, Main Street, DARE assignment; 2:58, Hollis Street, motor-vehicle complaint; 3:09, Bayberry Road, request for ambulance; 4:01, Main Street, area check; 4:22, Main Street, request for ambulance; 4:25, Chicopee Row, parking violation; 10:42, Boston Road, accident with property damage.

Thursday, May 24

A.M. 12:27, Chicopee Row, area check; 8:55, Hayden Road, litter; 9:39, Broadmeadow Road and Main Street, accident with property damage; 11:01, Main Street, area check.

P.M. 8:01, Island Pond and Old Dunstable roads; suspicious person; 8:49, Old Dunstable Road, area check; 9:03, Fitch’s Bridge Road, suspicious person; 9:26, Main Street, area check.


Thursday, May 17: James P. Winiarski, 43, 168 Wheaton Row, Groton. Marked lanes violation, second offense of operating under the influence of liquor.

Saturday, May 19: Stephen Francis Pepka, 23, 8 Shawnee Rd., apt. A, Pepperell. Operating motor vehicle with revoked license.

Sunday, May 20: Douglas R. Joyce, 19, 51 Shirley St., Pepperell. Operating motor vehicle with suspended license; Romulus Trantea, 36, 22 Rockland St., Canton. Assault and battery.

Wednesday, May 23: Robert E. Hentz, 50, 9 Walton St., North Billerica. Operating motor vehicle with revoked license.