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SHIRLEY — The Finance Committee will soon have the final draft of its recommendations on 23 articles that will appear on the June 11 Annual Town Meeting warrant. The articles have already been approved by the Board of Selectmen.

The committee’s May 21 meeting was held so members could sit in on the Board of Selectmen’s meeting to be sure the warrant was approved without changes.

Article 5, which was blank until this week, was approved when the selectmen voted in favor of the warrant as presented. The article requests that the town appropriate $55,000 to supplement the legal expenses, snow and ice, and unemployment insurance budget line items for the current fiscal year, said town administrator Kyle Keady.

After the meeting, Planning Board Chairman Charles Colburn and the selectmen discussed proposed revisions to a contract with Haley and Ward, the company hired as the clerk of the works for Apple Orchard Estates off Lancaster Road.

The clerk of the works studies the on-site activities and makes reports to the town. Billing discrepancies prompted the project’s developer, GFI-Shirley, to ask the Planning Board whether it and Department of Public Works Director Joseph Lynch will review the contract, said Colburn.

Colburn said he’s satisfied with Haley and Ward’s performance.

“It’s their billing procedures that seem to be a little in flux,” he said.

Haley and Ward is employed by the town, said Colburn, but selectmen said the developer pays for the position.

Following the discussion, committee members returned to the conference room to adjourn.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 4, where the committee will prepare for its Town Meeting presentation.

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