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AYER — Engineers Matthew Bombaci and Jude Gauvin, of GPR, representing Calvin Street residents George and Faith Williams, have met with the Conservation Commission regarding a request for determination of applicability (RDA). The RDA is for the addition of a second floor above an existing garage that’s within 100 feet of a lake.

The addition will only extend the footprint of the home by one foot, Bombaci said, and no machinery will be used.

There are no hay bails or silt fences in the plan because there will be a covered dumpster on site that all excavated soil and debris will be placed in immediately, said Gauvin.

“The real reason for an RDA is that you are 73 feet away from the water,” said Daniels. Based on the site diagrams and photographs, he said there doesn’t appear to be any problems with the plan, but the commission would like to do a site walk just in case.

The hearing was continued to June 14.

There was also a scheduled public hearing for the installation of utility sewer pipes for Straton Hill on Wright Road. However, no representatives of the applicant, Moulton Construction, made it to the meeting, so the commission voted to continue the hearing until June 14 and attempt to contact the applicant.

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