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AYER — The Fire and Police departments responded to the following incidents between Tuesday, May 22 and Monday, May 28:

Tuesday, May 22

A.M. 5:39, Groton School Road, traffic citation; 8:09, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 9:51, Westford Road, traffic citation; 10:05, School Street, vehicle accident; 11:17, ambulance as mutual aid to Lunenburg.

P.M. 1:48, Central Avenue, assisted citizen; 1:50, Old Groton Road, served paperwork; 2:58, Bryan Way, assisted citizen; 3:09, Bligh Street, suspicious activity at Pirone Park; 5:00, Depot Square, assisted citizen; 5:02, ambulance to Pleasant Street; 7:59, Central Avenue, police called to resolve a landlord/tenant dispute. The landlord returned a damage deposit to a relative of the tenant, who allegedly kept it for himself. Police are currently waiting to see if the money will be returned; 9:53, Williams Street, assisted citizen; 9:53, ambulance to Douglas Drive.

Wednesday, May 23

A.M. 12:24, Sculley Road, suspicious activity; 2:59, Park Street, suspicious activity; 3:53, Nemco Way, burglar alarm at Catania Spagna; 5:56, Willow Road, traffic citation; 7:38, Main Street, traffic citation; 7:40, Littleton Road, suspicious activity; 8:25, ambulance to Mountain Drive; 9:39, School Street, traffic citation; 9:40, School Street, traffic citation; 9:42, Harvard Road, warrant arrest of a juvenile; 11:20, West Main Street, served paperwork.

P.M. 1:00, Fire Department responded to a box alarm at Nashoba Valley Medical Center, sending two engines and a ladder in response to a faulty detector; 1:18, ambulance to Nashoba Park; 1:22, Fire Department sent an engine to Nashoba Park to assist the ambulance; 2:10, Park Street, vehicle accident; 3:21, ambulance as mutual aid to Groton; 3:39, Cambridge Street, assisted citizen; 9:35, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 11:35, Littleton Road, vehicle accident.

Thursday, May 24

A.M. 12:52, Park Street, traffic citation; 1:06, ambulance to Nashoba Park; 1:27, Pearl Street, noise complaint; 1:34, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 4:17, Park Street, suspicious activity; 4:29, Park Street, assisted citizen; 7:42, Main Street, police responded to a reported assault between a woman and a man. No arrests were made at the scene, but police are investigating; 8:27, Fire Department responded to a box alarm at the elderly housing on Pond Street. The alarm was tripped by burnt food; 10:23, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley.

P.M. 4:08, Westford Road, traffic citation; 4:23, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 5:26, Fitchburg Road, car reported stolen from Advance Vacuum Systems. The vehicle was recovered on Main Street on May 27; 6:15, Groton Street, traffic citation; 6:16, ambulance to mutual aid to Shirley; 7:20, 726, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 7:36, Main Street, traffic citation; 8:04, Willow Road, traffic citation; 8:32, Atherton Street, traffic citation; 8:44, 9:18, West Main Street, traffic citation; 9:57, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 10:16, Groton Harvard Road, traffic citation; 10:33, 10:40, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 11:51, ambulance as mutual aid to Littleton.

Friday, May 25

A.M. 12:12, Nemco Way, suspicious activity; 1:48, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 2:51, Littleton Road, bicycle found on the sidewalk near Gervais Ford; 4:06, Main Street, suspicious activity; 4:52, Columbia Street, suspicious activity; 8:23, Littleton Road, deer reported hit by a car; 9;49, Fire Department sent an engine and ambulance to Pingry Way for an oil burner problem.

P.M. 3:16, Bligh Street, suspicious activity; 3:31, Lincoln Street, suspicious activity; 3:52, ambulance as mutual aid to Littleton; 3:53, Shaker Road, burglar alarm; 3:56, 3:59, Washington Street, traffic citation; 4:17, 4:32, Washington Street, traffic citation; 5:03, ambulance to Willard Street; 5:12, 5:41, 5:54, Groton School Road, traffic citation; 6:11, Groton School Road, police called to resolve a dispute at Tiny’s Restaurant. A motorist reported his car was struck when the door on a neighboring car was opened. The issue was settled between the principals; 6:20, Fire Department sent an engine to Sandy Pond Road to investigate fire alarms; 6:23, 6:27, 6:46, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 7:01, Littleton Road, burglar alarm at Jack-O-Lantern liquors; 7:22, Fire Department sent an engine to Willard Street in response to a smoke detector activation; 7:56, Calvin Street, resident reported identity fraud, saying several credit cards arrived in the mail unsolicited; 8:33, Magnolia Drive, burglar alarm; 11:32, East Main Street, traffic citation; 11:35, Willow Road, burglar alarm; 11:49, Depot Square, suspicious activity.

Saturday, May 26

A.M. 12:24, Ambulance to Willard Street; 12:46, Central Avenue, traffic stop ending in an arrest; 1:10, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 1:52, Park Street, suspicious activity; 2:25, Sandy Pond Road, disturbance; 2:42, New England Way, suspicious activity; 9:10, Washington Street, burglar alarm; 11:02, Park Street, missing property.

P.M. 12:35, Cambridge Street, a video game console and several games, valued at $235, was reported stolen from a car; 1:19, Highland Avenue, $200 bicycle reported stolen from the middle school; 1:55, Barnum Road, suspicious activity at Wendy’s; 2:09, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 2:19, Wright Road, a woman reported her checkbook stolen and used illegally; 3:32, Littleton Road, warrant arrest; 3:35, West Main Street, traffic citation; 5:45, ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 10:56, Main Street, larceny reported.

Sunday, May 27

A.M. 12:32, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 1:18, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 1:23, Angard Lane, suspicious activity.

P.M. 12:20, Western Drive, police responded to a disturbance call and arrested a woman for allegedly assaulting her niece; 3:00, ambulance to Vernon Street; 4:44, Westford Road, traffic citation; 5:20, 5:30, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 6:23, ambulance to Nashoba Park; 8:25, Groton School Road, disturbance; 8:58, Park Street, suspicious activity; 11:20, ambulance to Nashoba Park; 11:22, Grove Street, noise complaint; 11:58, Scully Road, disturbance.

Monday, May 28

A.M. 12:08, West Main Street, noise complaint; 1:46, ambulance to Madigan Lane; 3:31, Main Street, suspicious activity; 3:42, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 6:23, Littleton Road, suspicious activity; 11:17, West Main Street, aggravated assault reported between a past boyfriend and girlfriend. The couple crossed paths at a mutual acquaintance’s house and the incident took place after she left and he followed. The male reportedly put her into a choke-hold and stomped on her foot. The man turned himself in on May 29.

P.M. 5:31, Ambulance to Bligh Street; 5:38, Isaacs Lane, assisted citizen; 6:12, Sandy Pond Road, a group of young people reported a hammer being thrown their car windshield while driving. Police are investigating; 10:31, Grove Street, suspicious activity.


Saturday, May 26: Lisa Houle, 43, of Roxbury. Charged with speeding, a lane violation, failure to stop for police and OUI-alcohol (fourth offense).

Saturday, May 26: Jose Washington Varela, 19, of Fitchburg Road. Warrant arrest for shoplifting.

Sunday, May 27: Louisa Vaira, 32, of Ayer. Charged with assault and battery.

The Fire Department also had three auto lockouts, one house lockout, and one public assist call.

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