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Sports Editor

The Fourth Annual Sports Night is now history and I hope it was an enjoyable evening for all who attended. I would like to thank Mount Wachusett Community College for sponsoring the event.

The Class of 2007 and the teams of the 2006-07 season presented me with the toughest set of choices for the awards in the history of the event. We handed out 31 awards this season, the highest total ever, including four teams. All the award winners were deserving recipients, but there were some quality student-athletes who were tough to overlook.

The night featured many firsts:

Townsend’s Erin Fleming became the first Lawrence Academy student-athlete to be honored when she won a Sports Editor’s Award.

Groton-Dunstable’s Kelley Hutchinson won the first ever Captain’s Award for her tremendous leadership for the girls basketball team.

A set of five Student-Athlete Awards were presented to honor those who excelled in both the classroom and on the field. This figures to become a staple of the event.

Ayer’s Will Comerford became the first multi award winner, being honored with the Athletic Director’s Award, and Male Athlete-of-the-Year Award (along with Bromfield’s Ian Rothkopf).

After coming on board last year with a single award, the Parker Charter School handed out two awards this year and I hope their role continues to grow in the future.

The North Middlesex field hockey team (Special Team Award) and the Ayer football team (Male Team-of-the-Year) were easy choices after putting together sensational seasons.

But the night also had a familiar look in some regards.

The Bromfield girls cross country team returned as Female Team-of-the-Year for the second consecutive year after winning their second straight State Division 2 championship.

Also returning was the Bromfield boys soccer team, who won a Special Team Award in 2007 after being the Male Team-of-the-Year in 2006.

The other familiarity was looking out from the stage and seeing the very best my world has to offer. The student-athletes, parents, fans, coaches, athletic directors and special contributors who were on hand are the ones who make high school sports so much fun.

I am already thinking about next year’s Sports Night and just what we can do to make it better. For the second year in a row, the Groton-Dunstable recipients couldn’t be on hand because they were on their class trip, and finding a solution to this is important to me.

To all the seniors who were a vital part of the night, thanks for all you have done. For the coaches, athletic directors and underclassmen, I hope to see you again next year.

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