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In the cold, wet dawn that was last Saturday morning, we quickly came to realize that Celebration 2007 had surpassed our most ambitious expectations. Fully 93 percent of Bromfield’s junior and senior classes had signed in between 11 p.m. Friday and 1 a.m. Saturday, marking the highest attendance ever at a Celebration event. Better yet, at 3 a.m. on Saturday in excess of 71 percent of those kids were still with us, enjoying the food and entertainment, absorbing the atmosphere and just relaxing with friends.

The Community Open House on Friday night was equally well-attended. In the words of several volunteers who have been involved with Celebration from the outset, “The open house was almost too well attended and the kids were definitely more engaged and enthused throughout the night.” (We doubt it could ever be “too well” attended. It was simply great to see a broad spectrum of our community wandering around enjoying the decorations and the inflatable games in the gym!)

Feedback from the kids, the community, event sponsors and volunteers alike has been swift, admiring and unanimous. We take that as a strong testament to the creative spirit and collective generosity of so many, who all came together to make this event happen for Harvard’s kids. There is no doubt that lasting memories were created.

So, to an incredible array of people who brought their unique gifts and talents to help raise the event from Bromfield’s bare walls, and to magically reinstate the school on Saturday morning, we can only say, “thank you.” The kids truly appreciated and respected your effort.

In closing, we also extend our thanks to the school administration for supporting Celebration and allowing us to use the facilities. Our police chief, fire chief and their respective departments again gave generously of their time and made enormous contributions to help ensure we accomplished our over-arching goal — to ensure the kids enjoyed a safe and worry-free environment.

So, and on behalf of all of the kids and their guests, Patty and I can only stand back in awe and express our gratitude to everyone in the Celebration community for their support and commitment. And to those very people we also say, “Never lose sight of what you accomplished and how you did it!”




Celebration 2007


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