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SHIRLEY — There’s still time to take out nomination papers for open posts on the roster for the May 8 Annual Town Election, according to Town Clerk Amy McDougall. The deadline for filing is March 20.

The signatures of 30 registered town voters are needed to get one’s name on the ballot, said Board of Selectmen Chairman David Swain.

Candidates who have taken out and/or returned nomination papers, as well as those who have advised the town clerk they won’t run, are as follows:

* Board of Assessors, three-year term: Ronald Marchetti returned papers Feb. 5.

* Board of Health, three-year term: Joseph Howell II pulled papers Jan. 22 but hasn’t returned them.

* Board of Selectmen, three-year term: Charles Shultz Jr. pulled papers Jan. 17 but won’t run, Robert Gyles pulled papers Feb. 6 but won’t run, Michael Swanton returned papers Feb. 12, and Enrico Cappucci returned papers Feb. 28.

* Constable, three-year term: Keith J. Keady pulled papers Jan. 25 but hasn’t returned them.

* Library trustees, three-year term: Cornelia Donovan pulled papers Feb. 7 but hasn’t returned them.

* Planning Board, four-year unexpired term: William Carroll pulled papers Jan. 18 but hasn’t returned them.

* Planning Board, five-year term: Jonathan Greeno pulled papers Jan. 18 but hasn’t returned them.

* Planning Board associate member, two-year term: John Rounds returned papers March 1.

* Recreation Commission, three-year term: Nicholas Tedesco Jr. pulled papers Feb. 28 but hasn’t returned them, and Frederick Gibbons pulled papers Feb. 26 but hasn’t returned them.

* School Committee, three-year term: Paul Wilson pulled papers Feb. 12 but hasn’t returned them.

* Tax collector, three-year term: Holly Haase pulled papers returned papers Jan. 17.

* Town clerk, three-year term: Amy McDougall returned papers Feb. 23.

* War Memorial trustees, three-year term: Veteran Francis Dempsey returned papers Feb. 13, Jean Bowden returned papers Jan. 25.

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