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Auto Clinic 39

Patriot Barber Shop 32

Chris Smith, Casey Muzzy and Jimmy Walmsley showed what they were made of early Sunday morning. If there was an award for the highest number of steals and fast breaks, Chris Smith (13 points) would have earned it in this exciting play-off game. Casey Muzzy showed off some suave dribbling and scored 12 points. Jimmy Walmsley helped bring the ball down and scored 8 points. Sean Monahan added 4 points and hustled all over the court. Cam Gouldrup added 2 points. Defensively, Matt Wiley, Michael Niemi, Pat Shaw, Matt Shaw and Charlie King were outstanding.

Ryan DeLuca had an all-star game with 11 points and some impressive rebounding. Travis Collier, an excellent point guard, was not far behind with 8 points. Justin Marple and Chris Foggerty each scored 4 and set up some nice plays. Greg Best, Chris Brouillette (2 points), Alex Darabaris and Nate Deignan were defensively inclined, especially in the second half. Brian Quin, Alex Schmidt and Anthony Buchannon (2 points) passed the ball well.


Mini Broach 50

Forest Appliance 49

Alex Ingerson keyed the win with untouchable play in the paint, scoring 20 points and grabbing several rebounds. Carlos Pineda was a solid force offensively with 12 points and some smart fouls. Dean Muzzy pushed the fast break and added 9 points. Justin Dellacanonica was as quick as lightning, while adding 8 points. Brian Bourgeois added a swished foul shot. Evan Pelletier, Alex Dellacanonica and Matt Noel pressed hard, while Nick Indeglia turned in a strong all-around effort.

Jeremy Monat was definitely at the top of his game during this exciting battle with 14 points and numerous rebounds. Mark Schulze used the famous crossover to work his way through a tough press, while also adding 12 points. Zack Clark drained a few three-pointers and scored 10 points. Danny Ceron was everywhere on defense and scored 5 points. Aaron Forest and Mike Chase each scored 4 points and dove on the floor for jump balls. Hayden Collins, Cam Hendley and William Foster pressed with intensity.


Realty Executives – Lioce Properties 56

Pepperell Recreation 47

Tyler and Adam, the LaPierre brothers, led the win with 14 and 8 points, respectively. John Quigley was on fire with 13 points in this exciting championship game. Mike LaFlore added 8 points and hustled all over the court. Joe Colametta swished an impressive three-pointer on his way to 7 points. Chris Pitoniak, Cory Dows and Scott Miln each scored 2 points. Tanner Parente played hard in the first half, but unfortunately got injured while diving for a loose ball.

Steve VanWormer showed his aggressive side in this tough game, scoring 16 points and absolutely controlling the paint. Pat Mercier and Rishard Buck each added 8 points and took some nice shots. The Tully Brothers, Chris and Jeff, each added 4 points and hustled throughout. Matt Butcher also added 4 points. Rickey Lewis, Eric Guild, Bill Crory, Dan Crory (2 points) and A.J. Pecukonis played outstanding defense.


Townline HVAC 26

Coca-Cola of Lowell 25

The best game of the season came down to the end as Townline HVAC guard Vanessa Tenore hit the game-winning free throw with 5 seconds left in the game. After trailing 25-12 with 8 minutes to play, Townline pulled together a defensive stand and tallied the final 14 points of the game. Guards Sammy Lynch (12 points), Meghan Nadworny and Miranda Goyette-Connorty showed off some nice dribbling skills. Center MacKensey Farina added 9 points, while forwards Katie DeLeo and Victoria Burts rounded off the team win.

Coca-Cola of Lowell featured a well-balanced offense. Molly Brooks (9 points) and Casey McNamara (4 points) passed well and took some impressive outside shots. Christine Kenney (7 points) and DeDe Madden (5 points) controlled the paint. Courtney Hart, Jessica Sampson and Jennifer Moll’s tenacious floor-burning defense kept the game close until the last seconds. Julia Church played an excellent game.


Benjamin Builders 54

ReMAX Colonial – Team Tavenner 25

Benjamin Builders took home the championship by displaying and confident effort. Ali Lorden with 26 points and Katy Hartnett with 19 points set the bar high for the entire game. Danielle Vachon added 3 points and forced some necessary turnovers. Miranda Smith and Hannah Wietz each added a basket. Julia Deignan and Jillian Mariano rounded off the scoring with a foul shot each. Shawnna Harris controlled the ball with finesse and played unbelievable defense.

Lauren Perry was the leading scorer with 9 points and several rebounds. Kendra Scott used her height in the paint on defense, while also adding 6 points on offense. Liz Schultz and Jessica Pare each scored 3 points. Amanda Bertuzzi and Hayley Lynch each added a basket and hustled all over the court. Tess Sanborn, Alyssa Jollimore and Shayna Dalton made some impressive defensive plays.


Montachusett Pest Control 34

Groton Dunstable 30

Madison Ledoux was on fire like a pot of coals in this exciting championship game with 14 points and some quick feet. Devon Picard was the female version of Shaq in the paint with 10 points, making uncountable blocks and ripping down rebounds. Allie Conner dribbled in and out of defenders with abandon and added 5 points. Morgan Ledoux swished a sweet three-pointer and Heather Lyons swished an outside shot, eyes-closed and all. Carley MacIntyre passed quickly and took some impressive shots. Amanda Quin and Shanti Scott showed Groton Dunstable who was boss in the paint.

Michaela Longo was the leading scorer for Groton Dunstable with 12 points and several assists. Julia Seavey added 5 points, Caitlyn Murphy 4, Lea Daigle and Kate Collentro 3 each, Allison Clickner 1 and Laura Brouillette one. The entire team played great defense.

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