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State budget up $580 million but Dems call it a shortfall


Reference: Representative News article on Feb 1.

Last week, Mr. Eldridge talked about his work on the 2008 budget after a briefing by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. After watching our representative over the past years, I went straight to the MTF Web site to see what they had to say.

According to the MTF forecast, “tax revenues will total $19.27 billion in fiscal 2007, an increase of 4.2 percent over 2006 and $135 million higher than the forecast released by the Romney administration in October. The Foundation projects that the growth in tax revenues will slow further — to 3.0 percent — in fiscal 2008. Tax revenues will rise to $19.85 billion, an increase of only $580 million over 2007. Tax revenues grew by 8.2 percent in fiscal 2006 and by 7.1 and 2005.

Even at a 4.2 percent rate for FY 2007, that’s a growth rate! Over two years! It clearly shows revenue will rise to $19.85 billion! Unfortunately it’s not enough of an increase to meet the lavish spending spree of our one-party Legislature and governor.

Then, our governor and legislators have the audacity to say a positive growth rate (a $580 million increase) is a $1 billion shortfall because it is not growing as fast as they would like to meet their spending habits. If everyday citizens are fortunate enough to receive a raise, we must adjust our spending habits to only increase by the amount of our raise(s). Meanwhile the elitists on Beacon Hill, Eldridge chief among them, plan to outspend what they get knowing they can raise taxes to support that spending with never a thought of adjusting spending to meet any budget increase or decrease!

Mr. Eldridge talks about how he and Sen. Resor organized legislative forums throughout the 37th Middlesex District for people to weigh in on concerns and suggestions. He states increasing local aid was the number one priority of the forums; of course, it is one of the main issues he and Mr. Patrick ran on. What happened to the reduction in property taxes they both promised? They are backpedaling on this already!

Mr. Eldridge said “this year’s budget process will be less generous than was anticipated.” He states, “In my opinion, town officials, educators and parents are going to have to show the same amount of energy and organizing in order to ensure that a significant Chapter 70 education aid increase is in the budget.”

Folks, where do I start? Same amount of energy doing what? Why is it all of a sudden up to everyone but the two people who said, “Vote for me and together we can increase local aid”? Who are they to tell us you might get a few scraps if you want to trample over each other, educators, town officials and parents. Hold on to your wallets, homeowners, he is setting us up for a slew of overrides. Why are we paying Rep. Eldridge over $55,000 per year when he now indicates it is us that will have to fight for everything? If he worked as hard on the promises he made, concerning taxes and taking care of the elderly, as he does on giving illegals benefits and insuring that our votes do not count on issues he opposes, we would all see a dramatic decrease in our taxes.

Eldridge then goes on to say that, beyond local aid, people taking part in the forums were enthusiastic about alternate energy. What he does not tell you is that people expressed a great deal of discontent for the legislators who voted against letting the peoples’ vote count. Remember it was Rep. Eldridge and a select few others that actually voted in favor of a bill that would allow the legislators to ignore citizens’ initiative petitions.

It did not pass, thankfully, but not because of “our” representative. His typical rhetoric on that is the ‘good ole boys’ lie: “I can’t write discrimination into the law.” He also didn’t mention the outrage of hard-working taxpayers feeling slighted when we are probably going to see a property tax increase, yet Mr. Eldridge wants to use our money to pay for subsidizing college tuition and other benefits for illegal aliens. I attempted to make this double standard clear when I challenged Rep. Eldridge for his seat.

In at least two instances in his article, he is again blaming Mr. Romney for issues, one of which is a suspected budget shortfall in 2008. Attention, Mr. Patrick and Mr. Eldridge — Governor Romney left you people with a $1 billion surplus. Your feeding frenzy on that money, to include Mr. Patrick’s override of $368 million his first day in office, accounts for using all of the $1 billion surplus. You have created this current dilemma and Romney had nothing to do with your 2008 budget. This is all on you and you will be watched. The Democrats have no one left to blame. It is truly pitiful they are still trying to blame Romney.

We will likely be listening to this whining for the next four years, as they continue to spend faster they we can pay.


Former candidate for

State Representative

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