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Motor-vehicle accident

HARVARD — A town Department of Public Works truck with a plow on it was backing out of the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot on Feb. 27 when the driver accidentally clipped a parked vehicle belonging to a Lunenburg woman, causing minor damage. Nobody was injured and no citation was issued. — M.E. Jones

Road rage

HARVARD — A resident was driving toward town from Boxborough when he stopped at a traffic light and, he said, another vehicle, reportedly operated by a Lunenburg man, zoomed past at high speed. The road narrowed at that point to a single lane.

Annoyed by the other driver’s recklessness, he flashed his lights. The other man then stopped his truck in the road and got out, but as he approached the other vehicle, the Harvard man drove off. The other driver got back in his truck and started following him, the man said, so he drove to the police station, where he reported the incident.

He was advised that he could file a complaint with the registry that could lead to a hearing, but the man chose not to. Still, he’d done the right thing, said Officer William Castro, by avoiding a fight and coming to the station.

In another recent incident, two drivers — a town resident and a delivery-truck driver — came to blows.

After the truck passed the resident on a narrow road the Harvard man allegedly started gesturing angrily. The truck driver got out, said Castro, and the two traded insults. Then, the truck driver punched the other man in the nose, which he admitted when police talked to him later.

Castro said it could have been worse. Drivers should absolutely not get into confrontations with other drivers on the road, he said. Instead, he said they should ease off, avoid an incident and report the matter to the police. — M.E. Jones

Charges filed in stolen-car case

HARVARD — A car that was stolen from an East Bare Hill Road residence several weeks ago was returned shortly after the owners reported the theft, damaged and with the keys in it.

According to Officer William Castro, the car was believed to have been involved in some of the mailbox vandalism incidents that occurred in town around the same time.

A 19-year old Harvard man has been issued a summons in connection with the incident. He’ll face charges in court, said Castro.

The man, whose name was withheld because he hasn’t been arrested, is charged with using a motor vehicle without authority, disorderly conduct, larceny and defacing property. Similar charges are pending against another man, said Castro.

The two individuals aren’t related to the homeowners whose vehicle was stolen, Castro said, but the incident was apparently tied to a party going on next door. — M.E. Jones

Medical call

HARVARD — Police and Ambulance departments responded to a medical emergency at a West Bare Hill Road residence and determined that the person who was injured was intoxicated. The homeowners are the reporting parties, and the injured party is their daughter, Officer Williams Castro said. She is under 21 and had allegedly been drinking at another location when she fell, apparently on a patch of ice in the driveway. Her parents called for help.

The girl’s boyfriend, also a Harvard resident, will be charged with furnishing alcohol to an underage person, Castro said. The boyfriend isn’t old enough to drink legally either. — M.E. Jones

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