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PEPPERELL — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Feb. 21, and Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Wednesday, Feb. 21

A.M. 12:33, Tarbell Street, counterfeit bill passed; 5:31, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activated; 6:23, Park Street, request for the ambulance; 8:05, Townsend Street, dead deer; 9:06, Jersey Street, request for the ambulance; 10:51, Hadley Road, residential alarm activated; 10:59, Tucker Street, locked out of vehicle.

P.M. 1:00, Park Street, motor vehicle struck pedestrian; 3:15, Tucker Street, attempt to serve summons; 3:24, Nashua Road, complaint about speeding vehicle changing lanes; 4:15, Maple Street, locked out of vehicle; 5:05, Chace Avenue, school alarm activated; 5:19, Hollis Street, investigate 911 hang up; 5:37, Boynton Street, accidental 911 dial; 7:00, Railroad Street, check on flashing light; 7:17, Railroad Street, secure building from open door; 7:32, Hyacinth Drive, serve summons; 9:10, Jersey Street, assist Dunstable Police; 10:39, Jersey Street, request for an officer present.

Thursday, Feb. 22

A.M. 3:01, Foster Street, request for the ambulance; 9:44, Groton and Tarbell streets, counterfeit bills passed; 9:45, Brick Pond Way, report of past larceny from motor vehicle; 10:166, Canal Street, young girl reported running along side of road.

P.M. 12:04, Groton Street, attempt to serve summons; 12:23, Main Street, bogus check scam; 1:00, River Road, request for the ambulance; 1:41, Hollis Street, disabled vehicle; 2:47, Tucker Street, serve trespass notice; 3:20, Scotia Drive, civil standby; 3:59, River Road, lift assistance; 4:45, Main Street, S.W.A.T. and Crisis Negotiation Team call-out; 6:50, Herget Drive, report of domestic abuse unfounded, child hurt eating chicken bone; 6:58, Main Street, DPW call-out; 7:11, Nashua Road, commercial alarm activation; 8:01, Main Street, serve summons; 10:19, Shirley Street, motor vehicle off the road; 11:44, Elliott Street, residential alarm activation.

Friday, Feb. 23

A.M. 4:32, Hollis and Tucker streets, report of vehicular accident, no injuries; 5:14, River Road, motor vehicle accident, no injuries; 6:35, Shawnee Road, request for the ambulance; 7:33, Nashua Road, motor vehicle off the road; 7:58, Main Street, parking complaint; 8:26, Main Street, threatening phone message; 8:32, Townsend and Jewett streets, vehicle off the road; 9:23, Hollis Street, vehicle off the road.

P.M. 12:27, South Road, minor vehicular accident, no injuries; 1:42, Nashua Road, commercial alarm activated; 2:03, Shirley Street, request for the ambulance; 2:15, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident; 4:12, Lawrence Street, request for the ambulance; 6:09, Hollis Street, motor vehicle accident, unknown injuries; 7:17, Shawnee Road, investigate report of smoke, food on stove; 9:23, Seminole Drive, 911 misdialed.

Saturday, Feb. 24

A.M. 8:02, Charles Place, locked out of residence; 8:26, Main Street, DPW call-out.

P.M. 12:04, Heald Street, disabled FedEx truck; 1:00, Nashua Road, commercial motion alarm activated; 3:54, Lowell Road, report of erratic operation; 4:34, East Street, lift assistance; 8:29, Main Street, erratic operation of vehicle.

Sunday, Feb. 25

A.M. 12:05, Elm Street, suspicion about vehicle parked at end of driveway; 12:57, Park Street, life assistance; 5:12, Groton Street, noise complaint; 6:30, Foster Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 1:11, Herget Drive, domestic abuse/neglect issue; 3:00, Bemis Road, report of ATV on public way; 7:51, Tarbell Street, dog hit by car, assisting party bitten by dog.

Monday, Feb. 26

A.M. 8:30, Townsend and Mason streets, vehicle off the road; 8:50 Main Street, bus hit parked car; 11:16, Chace Avenue, check on possible contraband.

P.M. 1:09, Main Street, traffic violation, expired registration; 4:38, Main Street, civil matter, report of missing washer, dryer, refrigerator; 7:17, Chace Avenue 13-year-old grandson reported missing; 11:18, Main Street, commercial alarm activated.

Tuesday, Feb. 27

A.M. 9:07, Main Street, report of harassing phone calls.

P.M. 2:05, Main Street, check-cashing scam reported; 2:29, Maple Street, request for the ambulance; 4:00, Nashua road, request for the ambulance; 7:45, Groton Street, arrest of juvenile for domestic assault and battery.

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