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HARVARD — The Police, Fire and Ambulance departments responded to the following incidents from Tuesday, Feb. 27 to Monday, March 5:

Tuesday, Feb. 27

A.M. 12:12, Interstate 495 ramp, mutual aid, assist Boxborough Police with arrest; 12:42, Ayer Road, check parked vehicles; 12:42, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 1:13, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 7:38, Littleton Road, residential alarm; 9:20, Ayer Road, motor vehicle accident; 10:12, police station, general services.

P.M. 12:39, Drop off items for testing at State Police lab, Devens; 3:00, Littleton Road, residential alarm; 5:18, Still River Road, traffic stop; 5:44, Mass Avenue and Still River Road, traffic stop; 6:35, motor vehicle complaint; 10:51, Still River Road, check cemetery grounds.

Wednesday, Feb. 28

A.M. 2:11, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 7:07, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 8:07, Lancaster County Road, Fire Dept. call, malfunctioning furnace; 9:07, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:11, Ayer Road, reported larceny was employer/employee civil dispute.

P.M. 2:12, Old Littleton Road, residential alarm; 5:46, Jacob Gates Road, motor vehicle lockout.

Thursday, March 1

A.M. 1:29, Pond Road, check parked vehicles; 1:47, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 2:25, Still River Road, traffic stop; 3:46, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 7:59, Ayer Road and Route 2, medical call; 9:02, Bowers Road and Tahanto Trail, parking complaint; 9:21, Still River and Prospect Hill roads, traffic stop; 9:26, police station, general services.

P.M. 2:41, Police station, general services; 3:10, Ayer and Still River roads, traffic stop, unregistered motor vehicle; 3:24, Still River Road, traffic stop; 5:21, Prospect Hill and Old Shirley roads, traffic stop; 6:55, Willard Lane and Pine Ridge Drive, motor vehicle accident, minor; 9:41, Ayer Road, traffic stop.

Friday, March 2

A.M. 1:38, DPW called out; 6:51, mutual aid, assist State Police, Boxborough and Littleton with traffic control at town lines and I-495 for rollover truck accident; 6:58, I-495 medical call; 7:08, Fire Department stand by, Elm Street station; 7:48, Littleton Road, motor vehicle off the road; 8:21, Still River and West Bare Hill roads, disabled vehicle; 8:40, Old Shirley and Ayer Roads, disabled vehicle, flat tire, other drivers stopped to help; 8:56, assist DPW, standby while crews clear water off roadway; 11:06, RUOK service.

P.M. 1:01, Police station, general services; 5:29, East Bare Hill Road, general services; 6:22, Ayer Road, traffic stop, tow, driver cited for operating with revoked license; 8:31, DPW called out to sand; 9:28, assist Boxborough police at Acton-Boxborough semi-formal dance, several female students were intoxicated, taken to Emerson Hospital, Concord.

Saturday, March 3

A.M. 12:17, West Bare Hill Road, medical emergency, individual taken to hospital; 4:05, property damage reported; 8:05, Candleberry Lane, medical, one to hospital; 11:10, Still River Road, motor vehicle accident, no investigation; 3:06, police station, general services; 6:32, Still River Road, commercial alarm; 8:15, DPW called out; 9:51, Fire Dept. call; 10:55, Ayer Road, check parked vehicles; 10:57, Mass Avenue, suspicious activity.

Sunday, March 4

A.M. 12:32, Bolton Road, medical call; 8:21, East Bare Hill Road, medical call; 5:48, Mass Avenue and Slough Road, suspicious person, man walking; 9:10, check beach area; 9;51, DPW called out; 10:39, Ayer and Lancaster County roads, general services.

Monday, March 5

A.M. 9:54, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:58, Old Littleton Road, residential alarm; 11:24, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 11:26, same.

P.M. 2:40, Depot and Ayer roads, traffic stop.

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