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Groton School project will see upgrade to headmaster’s home


GROTON — In a unanimous decision, the Planning Board has voted to make a renovation project at Groton School exempt from the town’s site plan review bylaw.

Representing the school, attorney Robert Collins reminded the board during its Feb. 22 meeting that under state law the school, as a nonprofit educational institution, isn’t required to submit its plans for approval by the town.

But, as it has done in the past, Collins said the school has chosen to submit construction plans to the board for review as a courtesy.

The plan is to renovate its headmaster’s house. The project will include work on the second and third floors and a glassed-in breakfast room on the first floor.

Outside, Collins said the school plans to remove a portion of the existing driveway, reducing the area of impervious surface and the overall size of the parking area around the garage.

A new ramp would also be added, leading to the kitchen area of the century-old home.

“There will be very, very minimal changes to the exterior of the house,” said Collins. “It’s really a beautiful building.”

The headmaster’s house, called Hundred House by those at the school, is located on the Farmers Row campus across the central green from the chapel.

The Groton School headmaster is Richard Commons.

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