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ASHBY — The Ashby Cultural Council has approved full or partial funding for nine grant requests submitted to the council. Fifteen grant applications were received totaling $8,215 with Ashby’s allotment being $4,000 (or $1,500 more than the allotment for 2006). The requests receiving priority were those submitted by local organizations or groups, especially those who were making partial payment for the event.

Grants were awarded to the following persons or organizations: “Eyes on Owls” from the Ashby Parent-Teacher Cooperative; “A History of the Town of Ashby: 1890-2000” (second printing) from the Ashby Historical Society; “Shakespeare Now! Performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Hawthorne Brook Middle School; “Edible Wild Plants of New England” from John Root; “Rhythms of the World: Songs and Stories for Everyone” from Davis Bates; “Contempaissance: Flute and Guitar Concert” from Gary Jackson; “Workshop — The Art of Pastel” from Gregory Maichack; “When the Animals Danced — Stories and Dances” from Bob Thomas; and “New England Swing Orchestra, Concert or Dance” from Edward Wirt.

Individuals and organizations who would like to apply for next year’s grants due October 15, 2007 may contact chairman Denise Foresman or the Ashby Town Hall or visit the Massachusetts Cultural Council online at

There are openings on the Ashby Cultural Council for the 2007 grant period. Any interested Ashby residents are welcome to apply. Please contact Denise Foresman or submit a request to the Ashby Board of Selectmen at the Town Hall.

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