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Sports Editor

In recent years our sports section has been common, with the same pages going to each of our towns. This week marks a return to the use of zoning. Zoning allows us to give each zone its own front page.

Following the front page, the sports section will still be common and will include news from the entire region we cover. My job, as always, will be to try to balance things the best I can.

Over the 20 years I have worked here, I have been asked often whether the readers in a town are interested in high school and town sports from other towns. I’m not really sure because I’ve heard a number of different opinions on the subject.

We’re doing this because we believe our readers would like an even greater local approach. Zoning presents a new set of challenges, but we feel there is an upside associated with doing it. I really like the thought of each of our schools and the towns they are associated with having their own front page. What it creates is an opportunity to showcase the work of John Love and Kent Boynton, who add so much to the newspaper with their excellent photographs.

When you first look at the sports second this week, your impulse might be to think that Ken must be in Aruba on vacation or that he’s getting lazy in his old age. But I’m still on the beat, trying to understand the differences between a common section and one with zones.

Well, here it is and I am interested in just what you think. If you see me at a game, or want to send an e-mail (, or to give me a call (978) 772-0777, ext.239) give me your thoughts.

Also, I am starting to work on our fourth annual Sports Night. Invitations will be out within the next two to three weeks.

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