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Warner Free Lecture presents ‘layers of Harvard’


HARVARD — The Bromfield School photography teacher Jonathan Pike has been working hard to prepare for his lecture titled “The Photographic Layers of Harvard.”

“The lecture is going to basically be a PowerPoint slide show,” said Pike. “The Harvard Historical Society has provided us with photographs of Harvard shot in the past, and students in my photo classes have scanned them into the computer and reproduced the photograph, but in modern times.”

“The slide show will consist of the old photograph, which will dissolve into the new photograph,” said Pike. “You’ll literally see layers of Harvard, as in photographic layers.”

To show how the town has evolved over time, he has chosen photos of the same location taken in different time periods.

“It’ll be sort of like a time-traveling slide show in a way,” he said. “I think people will be surprised to see how things grow and change over time.”

The Historical Society has been responsible for collecting Harvard’s historical artifacts and displaying them for over 100 years. Pike said he negotiated with the society to obtain the photographs with the most dramatic changes.

Although he’s been eager to work on a project like this for quite some time, Pike said it didn’t become a reality until he met with Warner trustee Michael McGarty last spring.

“We were talking at one point about getting students more involved with the community, and we both came up with the idea of some sort of town-wide presentation,” he said. “Mr. McGarty recommended that the Warner Free Lecture Series would be a good place to do that.”

The Warner Free Lecture Series, founded in 1890 by Henry Warner, presents free educational lectures to the public. It will sponsor the event, which will be held Friday, Feb. 9, at 8 p.m., at the Harvard Unitarian Church.

“It should be a fascinating show,” said Pike. “You’ll get a chance to see how various buildings and scenic lookouts evolved in the town here.”

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