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New England Sports Photo

Hustle: Brittani LeBlanc

Defense: Riley Walsh

Offense: Brittany Leuasseur

Brick Steamer Ice Cream

Hustle: Taylor Dube

Defense: Emily Gath

Offense: Kelly Gearin

Dr. Mark Rosebush D.M.D.

Hustle: Emily McBride

Defense: Samantha Gonda

Offense: Anna DeLeo

Dr. Linda Blaschke D.M.D.

Hustle: Amber Edmonda

Defense: Darian Parker

Offense: Delaney Ledoux

Brooks Pharmacy

Hustle: Katie King

Defense: Casey Chandler

Offense: Lexi Thonis

White Hen Pantry

Hustle: Kayle Bitoudo

Defense: Kaira Murphy

Offense: Dominic Boyette


KRM Carpentry

Hustle: Olivia Cappucci

Defense: Sydney Morgan

Offense: Emily Rapoza

Patriot Pizza and Subs

Hustle: Emily Gaskins

Defense: Molly Cassidy

Offense: Vicki Pappas

Dunkin Donuts

Hustle: Annie Stankievicz

Defense: Allison Kleeman

Offense: Lauren Kirk

Connor Electric

Hustle: Macy Lorden

Defense: Emily Lehman

Offense: Abigail Connor


Townsend Ford

Hustle: Max Ingerson

Defense: Ryan McDonald

Offense: Andrew Kimbar

Townsend Collision Center

Hustle: John Begley

Defense: Kevin Heckley

Offense: Matt Mast

Brown and Brown Insurance

Hustle: Jason Vettese

Defense: Alex Amadon

Offense: Joe Kiluk

Pete Antosh Excavating

Hustle: Michael Maley

Defense: Nick Grube

Offense: Joey McCall

Wilson Brothers

Hustle: Jake Baron

Defense: Alex Collins

Offense: Sam Robinson

Townsend Recreation

Hustle: Joey O’Neill

Defense: TJ Melanson

Offense: Jonah Grant


Century 21 Nashoba Associates

Hustle: Christian Pineda

Defense: Ryan Conway

Offense: Dakota Beck

Pediatrics West

Hustle: Jacob Ovaska

Defense: Gavin Thomas

Offense: Tim Herbert

Select Engineering

Hustle: David Neuhaus

Defense: Brian Strait

Offense: Sam Buck

Auto Clinic

Hustle: Kevin Brouilette

Defense: Scott Berube

Offense: Shawn Tocci


Stop & Style 38

Coca-Cola of Lowell 15

Kim Morgan led the winners with 27 points, while Ashley Rosko and Marissa Vasquez added 4 and 2 points, respectively. Eryn Melanson and Marissa LaFosse led the defensive effort.

Molly Brooks led the offense for Coca Cola with 9 points. Julia Church, Carmel James and DeDe Madden all added a basket each. Casey McNamara, Jessica Simpson and Kylene O’Neill all played aggressive defense.

North Central Blaze 21

Re/Max Colonial – Team Tavenner 17

North Central Blaze’s Haley Dupell scored 10 points and handled the ball all over the court. Maddy Prevost added 7 points and Rachel Burnham added 1 point. Kristen Hamel should outstanding hustle throughout.

Marissa Amichetti, Courtney Wise and Julianna White each had 4 points for Remax. Andrew Alaimo and Amanda Marshall led the team with tenacious defense. Kim Smith, Marissa Smith and Sarah Byrd added a basket apiece.

New England Sports Photo 41

Townline HVAC 19

Madeline Ballasie led NE Sports Photo with 22 points. Samantha Marshal added 10 points and strong ballhandling. Julia Quill had 8 points and outstanding hustle.

Townline HVAC’s guards Sammy Roberts and Sammy Lynch each scored 4 points. Vanessa Tenore and Katie DeLeo played well inside with 9 and 2 points, respectively. Michaela Marshall, Victoria Burts and Miranda Goyette all played great defense.


Workers Credit Union 25

Brick Steamer Ice Cream 17

Kyle Gavin scored 8 points and paced the defense along with the hustle of Tyler Zech and Nate Sullivan. Francis Phillips had 13 points and Liam Coughlin added 4. James Richardson hustled all throughout the game.

Robert Johnston led Brick Steamer with 4 points, followed by Joseph Sullivan and Michael Perry with 3 each. Defensive hustle was shown from Jack Martin, Daniel Nelson and Benjamin Lutz.

Dr. Jay Decoteau 37

Pepperell Recreation 18

Ryan Violette, Bobby Larson, Joe Dolciotto and Andrew Cantwell came up big with 8 points each. Ben and Dan Beachesen pulled down several rebounds and Mark Rossi had many key defensive stops.

Pepperell Recreation was led by Shawn Pinney and Tyler Thomas’s 6 points apiece. Their tough defense was led by the efforts of Austin Lawrey, Peter Kane and Jake Stevens. Jordan Goulding and Tom Petroskey also added a basket each.

Townsend Isshinryu Karate Club 30

Patriot Barber Shop 23

Matt Wilson paced the win with 10 points, while hustling Dan Lacross and Tyler Godin added 8 each. Greg Richardson and Chris Gersh added some exceptional hustle.

Patriot Barber Shop played an aggressive defensive game as Ryan Deluca and Christian Fogarty scored 9 and 5 points, respectively. Travis Collier and Justin Marple ran the offense from the point, adding six and three points, respectively.

Valley Orthopaedics 33

Nashoba Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine 25

Valley Orthopaedics was led by Brandon Cole with 12 points. Joe Smith added 8 points and Mitchell Lorden handled the ball while adding 4 points. Ben Ferro and Jacob Peante paced the game with key defense.

The whole Nashoba Ortho team played great defense throughout. Dillon Woods came up with 8 points on offense. Issac Forest and John Boutwell came up with 6 and 4 points, respectively.


Benjamin Builders 57

Re/Max Colonial – Team Tavenner 56

Ali Lorden and Katy Hartnett paced the offense with their dribbling skills, and scored 27 and 25 points, respectively. Shawna Harris added 3 points and some defensive hustle. Miranda Smith was a key rebounder and scored 2 points. Danielle Vachon and Jillian Mariano were star players on defense.

Kendra Rosado and Lauren Perry led Remax with 14 points each, while Hayley Lynch controlled the ball and added 12 points. Hayley Lynch controlled the ball while adding 12 points. Liz Shultz and Jess Pare played great defense and also added 6 and 3 points, respectively. Shayna Dalton and Allysa Jollimore hustled on both ends of the court.

Hartnett Management Group 43

Hillside Construction 21

Hartnett Management’s ball handling skills helped them pull through with the win. Both Hailey Connor and Julie Pecukonis played great games with hustled on both offense and defense. Under the basket, Bonnie Terrio pulled down rebounds with great strength.

Marissa MacEachern led Hillside Construction with 10 points and outstanding hustle. Anna Tessier and Marissa Thomas each added 4 points. Patricia Burts also added a basket while Taylor Stanton showed exceptional hustle.

Pinnacle Development 39

D’Amico & Chenelle 35

Mackenzie Sharp and Amy Jones pulled down rebounds for Pinnacle Development and came up with 6 and 2 points, respectively. Emma Delaney controlled the ball while scoring 26 points. Suzie Sanford had for points and contributed to the team defense.

Strong defense from this D’Amico & Chenelle was led by Brittany Testa and Tori Black. Jessica Ward played a tough game was led the scoring with 19 points. Erin Picard and Cori Howe pulled down rebounds and came up with 8 and 5 points, respectively.

Townsend VFW 26

Doc Davis Ice Cream 25

The strong offense of Townsend VFW was played by Emily Church and Sarah Neuhaus with 10 and 8 points, respectively. The tough defense came from Tara Daly, Rachel Nadworthy, Christina Gordon and Moira Murphy.

Tory Boyer and Andrew Faciullo played tenacious defense for Doc Davis. Shannon Pomeroy and Brittany Boyer pulled down rebounds. Brittany Nelson led the offense with 15 points.


CW Fuels 49

T&W Custom Builders 33

David Lorden paced the win with 16 points and many rebounds. Colin Cenedella used his speed well, adding 13 points. Colby Ledoux took some smart outside shots and scored 8 points. Skylar Whitney scored 7 points and was all over the court. Jacob Watkins, Joe Tierney and Phillip Ashe stood out defensively, hustling and forcing many turnovers.

Kyle Simas (8 points) and James Osterfield (7 points) were powerhouses in the paint. Matt Russell came from nowhere with his speed, scored 4 points, and boxed out like a madman. Justin Roberts and James Osterfield continued to show significant improvement.

Mini Broach 43

White Hen Pantry 42

Alex Ingerson was a force in the paint, scoring 16 points and ripping down many rebounds. Carlos Pineda played very aggressive defense and was hot at the foul line with a total of 12 points. Brian Bourgeois (3 points) clinched the game with his second half free throws. Dean Muzzy added 6 points and pushed his offense to success. Matt Noel sunk 2 on the line to help the effort. Justin Dellacanonica played well with added team points and great defense.

This was a hard fought game which came down to the final seconds. Scott Cavanaugh scored 20 points and pulled down some impressive rebounds on both offense and defense. Dylan Kimbar scored 8 and drove to the hoop with confidence. Devin Vaillancourt rebounded well. Dominic Ciccone and Ryan Trust played solid defense.

M&N Sports 44

Townsend Isshinryu Karate Club 38

Drew Kanan led a balanced scoring attack with 10 points. The Greelis twins played intense defense all game long. Kostas Halkiadakis (6 points) and Jamie Medrek did a great job on the boards. Ed Nee played an extraordinary overall game. Tony Gravell dropped 9 points, while Tom Keras and Alex Burud each had 6 points.

Drew Dion led his team offensively with 16 points and some smooth ball handling. Brian Magee scored 9 points and took some inspiring outside shots. Nick Ravanis was a force inside, with 7 points and several rebounds. Dan McHugh played a great game and Trevor Thompson was a solid rebounder.

Crosswinds Company 58

Forest Appliance 55

Crosswinds Company fought hard and made a nice comeback in the second half to come out with the win. Drew Donovan and Stephen Valacer were on fire offensively with 18 and 17 points, respectively. Kevin Quin (10 points) and Erik Lauritzen (3 points) rebounded well. Asa Okerman and Jared Grimson played aggressive offense. Ibrahim Mughal added 8 points.

Zack Clark and Mark Schulze led the offensive attack with 17 and 16 points, respectively. Aaron Forest was a force in the paint adding 8 points. Jeremy Monat and William Foster were on fire with 6 points each. Devon Frederick set some great picks and gave offensive support to his team. Hayden Collins played outstanding defense.

Nashoba Publishing 48

Lorden Oil 45

Jeremy Quill controlled the offense with help from Nathan Wetherell and Brett Rosko. Brian Shannon took some nice outside shots. Andrew Lynch was a force in the paint, scoring some important points and pulling down some nice rebounds. Team hustle won the game.

Mark Joy scored 14 points and Kevin Marciano 12 points, including a pair of big second half three-pointers, to lead Lorden Oil. Mac Flynn had his best offensive game of the year with 9 points, and Matt Foley added 6 tough points in the paint. Tyler Tenbroek played an outstanding all around game, flying up and down the court. Josh Mihill grabbed several loose balls and pulled down some key rebounds. Michael Leonardo and Jacob Lopalito played solid minutes on both offense and defense. Each player on Lorden Oil fought hard and did a great job.


T&W Custom Builders 28

Hillside Construction 25

T&W Custom Builders’ offense was lead by Chris Waugh (10 points) and Gerry Martin (6 points). Trevor Cullen hit a nice three-point shot. Steve Bentley and Andrew Marciello played intense defense and rebounded well.

Sean Doherty led the scoring with 8 points and some impressive moves in the paint. The entire team played solid defense. Unfortunately, the shots were just not falling AT the end of the second half.

Dr. Jay Decoteau 65

Townsend Collision Center 54

Matt Heisler kept the game close in the first half with strong offense, which included 8 points. Nick Smith and Burke Bero were solid on defense. Tony Deshler was the leading scorer with 21 points, followed by Mike Cronin with 14 and Eric Collier with 10. Ian Buchholz, Kevin Paul and George Bero were tough on the boards.

Jimmy Barksdale broke out with an impressive offensive game, scoring 15 points and controlling the ball well. Josh Brickley had 15 points and 11 rebounds, while Steve Burke dropped 7 points. Greg Burud added 4 points, Brian Farese and Trevor Faxon also scored 4 points each. A.J. Wright and C.J. Ferreira played some good quality defense, along with Andrew Virostko.

Ideal Self Storage 52

Realty Executives – Lioce Properties 42

Ideal Self Storage held on in a competitive contest. Joey Balboni was the leading scorer with 16 points. Jimmy Balboni and Scott Hewitt were forces inside with 9 points each. Chris Pratka scored 6 points and used his height to his advantage in the paint. Brian Cronin and Kevin Chase were defensive standouts in the backcourt, while Chris Hathaway and Scott Dolan were standouts in the front court.

George Goennella raced up and down the court, and scored 6 points. Tyler Lapierre (11 points) and Jordan Smith were strong on the boards. Mike LaFlore scored 8 points and was an offensive standout. Adam Lapierre showed off some smooth ball handling skill and added 5 points.

In the Batters Box 46

Lorden Oil 35

Leading the offense were Usman Mughal with 11 points and Jay McCarter with 10. Bill Watkinson had double figures in rebounds and put in 9 points. Anders Ryden was outstanding on the defensive end. Ryan St. Amand put in 3 points, Dan Pare had 3 points, Mike Ball scored 4 points and Ryan Sullivan tossed in 2 points to round out the scoring.

Sam McGrath dominated offensively with 14 points and some solid ball handling. Tom Maxner and Dan Amichetti were forces in the paint, scoring 6 and 4 points, respectively. Dan Sitar scored 5 points along with Shawn McNiff. The entire team played tough defense and hustled up and down the court.

CW Fuels 48

Townsend House Tavern 46

Scott Cobleigh and Josh Lagasse paced the win with 13 and 12 points, respectively. Justin Lancey was huge in the paint and scored 10 points. Walter Kusmirek pulled down some great offensive rebounds and scored 7 points. CW Fuels pulled ahead in the very end to come out with the win.

Jake Lurvey (21 points), Nick Hamel (15 points) and Michael Tenore (6 points) led a well-balanced offensive attack against a strong CW Fuels team, but came up two points short in the very end. Max Tessier and Mike Helmer were outstanding on defense.

Pepperell Recreation 59

Sterilite 31

Jeff Tully led a balanced attack with 11 points, keyed by strong rebounding. Steve VanWormer scored 10 points and was a force in the paint. Pat Mercier added 7 points and showed some impressive dribbling skills. Matt Butcher paced the offense and passed the ball well, while adding 6 points.

Matt Lieneck and T.J. Schools each scored 12 points from in the paint. Mike Shaw chipped in with 4 points and Josh Desroines added 3. Anton Chernosky, Brett Lafosse, Andy Mihill and Alex Mihill hustled all over the floor.

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