HARVARD — After seeing a sign in an upstairs window of a home on Littleton Road that read, “Help, I’m being held hostage,” a local contractor called the police. The contractor was at the home to provide a job estimate while the homeowners were out.

Police responded, saw the sign and knocked, but got no answer. Finding a door unlocked, officers went inside and conducted a search.

Informed of the incident, the homeowners said the room belonged to their teenage son, and the sign was a prank.

The explanation was consistent with the search, according to Officer William Castro, who said the room was obviously that of a teenage boy and nothing seemed to be amiss.

The owners were asked to remove the sign. — M.E. Jones

Motor-vehicle accident yields no injuries

HARVARD — A Harvard woman traveling on Old Littleton Road on Jan. 25 may have dozed off at the wheel when she swerved off the road and hit a rock, causing minor damage to the vehicle’s radiator, according to Officer William Castro. The woman wasn’t injured, and no citation was issued. The vehicle was towed. — M.E. Jones

Unlicensed driver cited for violation

HARVARD — Police stopped a vehicle on Ayer Road on Jan. 26 after a random registration plate check revealed that the owner’s license to drive had been revoked.

Such checks show an array of information about vehicles and owners, said Officer William Castro.

In this case, the owner turned out to be the driver, who was issued a summons for operating after her license had been revoked. A passenger with a valid license was allowed to drive the vehicle, he said. — M.E. Jones

College student spends 21st birthday at police station

HARVARD — Following up on an incident that dated back a couple of weeks, Officer William Castro said a town resident who called the police recently to report that her son, an out-of-state college student, was missing now knows where he was on the date in question.

On the evening of her son’s 21st birthday, the woman repeatedly called his dormitory room, but couldn’t reach him.

She was concerned, Castro said.

It turned out that police in the other state had the young man in custody. On his 21st birthday, he’d been arrested for drunken driving. — M.E. Jones