PEPPERELL — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Sunday, Jan. 7 and Tuesday, Jan. 16:

Sunday, Jan. 7

A.M. 12:06, Hollis Street, request for the ambulance; 9:33, Townsend Street, request to speak to officer; 9:36, Foster Street, request for the ambulance; 11:18, Palmer Road, request for the ambulance; 11:25, Maple Street, water problem.

P.M. Tucker Street, execute narcotics search warrant, adult arrest; 2:30, Groton Street, locked out of vehicle; 5:49, Jewett Street, residential fire alarm activation.

Monday, Jan. 8

A.M. 2:55, Mutual aid, Fire Department unit to Groton; 3:00, Blood Street, request for the ambulance; 6:40, Main Street, serve restraining order; 8:37, Lomar Park Drive, dumping complaint; 10:02, Mill Street, information on past domestic abuse; 10:58, Main Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 12:04, Hollis Street, assault and battery with dangerous weapon; 2:13, Hollis Street, attempt to serve summons; 2:37, Jewett Street, serve summons; 3:03, Tucker Street, police mutual aid; 4:22, Heald Street, suspicious activity report; 7:19, South Road, vehicle lost front wheel.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

A.M. 11:04, Main Street, serve summons.

P.M. 12:44, Boynton Street, request for the ambulance; 1:43, Chace Avenue, investigate 911 hang-up; 4:03, Shattuck Street, check welfare of child, possible abuse; 4:27, Main Street, recovered property turned in for safe keeping; 5:42, Lowell Road, report of erratic operation; 5:49, Bancroft Street, 911 call, accidental; 5:49, Main Street, attempt to serve warrant; 6:08, River Road, information on past domestic abuse issue; 6:26, River Road, assist Dept. of Social Services in welfare check; 7:54, Elliott Street, 911 call, mistake; 9:01, River Road, serve restraining order.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

A.M. 9:52, Main Street, civil matter.

P.M. 4:59, Main Street, problem with bus driver; 5:07, Algonquin Road, vandalism to mailbox; 6:15, Main Street, lost cell phone; 6:18, Lowell Road, motor vehicle complaint; 7:18, Tucker Street, request for the ambulance.

Thursday, Jan. 11

A.M. 8:08, Heald Street, report of past larceny of bench; 10:46, Heald Street, serve summons; 11:07, Nashua Road, attempt to serve restraining order; 11:24, High Oaks Terrace, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 1:09, River Road, welfare check; 4:01, Mill Street, request for advice regarding minor moving out; 4:18, South Road, traffic violation, expired registration; 10:25, River Road, commercial trouble alarm.

Friday, Jan. 12

A.M. 12:10, South Road, vehicle struck deer, firearm discharge; 4:41, Townsend Street, report of vehicle parts in road; 6:28, North Street, request for the ambulance; 6:32, Province Street, report of missing 11 year-old; 7:59, Townsend Street, motor vehicle complaint; 8:42, Heald Street, pick-up truck knocked over mailbox; 10:06, Main Street, commercial alarm activation; 10:43, Lowell Road, mutual aid to police; 11:43, South Road, odor in house.

P.M. 12:24, Townsend Street, traffic violation, revoked registration, unregistered vehicle; 2:12, Tucker Avenue, resident locked in bathroom; 2:12, Groton Street, possible check fraud, unfounded; 5:15, Nashua Road, request for the ambulance; 5:59, West Street, serve summons; 7:25, Mill Street, attempt to serve summons; 8:12, Townsend Street, vehicle struck deer; 9:02, Prescott Street, party suspicious of person in area; 10:31, River Road, alarm in trouble mode, malfunction..

Saturday, Jan. 13

A.M. 1:37, Brookline Street, vehicle struck deer, firearm discharge; 2:45, Pine Street, report of past domestic issue; 9:21, Main Street, commercial fire alarm activation; 10:01, Boynton Street, locked out of vehicle; 11:19, Main Street, counterfeit American Express checks turned in; 11:58, Main Street, father concerned about welfare of son.

P.M. 12:18, Main and Park streets, motor vehicle complaint; 12:33, Pine Street, vehicle damages by key; 1:17, Bemis Road, water problem; 4:58, Groton Street, 7:45, West Street, 7:45, West Street, attempt to serve summons; 9:13, Elm Street, request for the ambulance; 11:23, Nashua road, report of domestic abuse in progress.

Sunday, Jan. 14

A.M. 3:42, Groton Street, request for the ambulance; 5:56, West Street, disabled vehicle; 7:09, Main “Street, serve restraining order; 7:43, Wheeler Street, motor vehicle rollover, no injuries; 8:00, Groton Street, found dog; 8:00, Main Street, DPW callout; 10:24, Main Street, horse running in middle of road; 11:25, Idal Street, locked out of vehicle; 11:39, Groton Street, found child.

P.M. 8:37, Lowell Street, unauthorized burning; 9:16, Maple Street, request for officer, verbal domestic abuse; 10:58, no address, kids in vehicle possibly with BB gun.

Monday, Jan. 15

A.M. 12:06, Foster Street, complaint about loud music; 3:35, Hollis Street, vehicle fire near house; 3:58, Lowell Road, DPW callout for road conditions; 6:41, Tarbell Street, minor accident; 7:25, Shirley Street, falling branch hit truck; 8:13, Shattuck Street, branch across road; 10:24, Brookline Street and Paiute Place, wires arcing; 11:08, Blood Street, branch on wires; 11:27, Lowell Road and Jersey Street, live wires down; 11:34. Mill Street, downed tree blocking road.

P.M. 12:04, Heald Street, investigate 911 hang-up; 12:07, Main Street, Water Dept. callout; 12:18, River Road, tree limb in wires; 12:19, Haskell Road, tree limb in wires; 12:28, Maple Street, tree limb in wires; 12:53, Brookline Street, Jeep 4-wheeling in conservation area; 12:55, West Main Street, Groton, mutual aid, ambulance; 1:48, Brookline Street, report of explosion, power outage; 1:51, Canal Street, tree down in road; 1:52, Wheeler Street, live wire on ground; 2:33, West Main Street, Groton, request for the ambulance; 2:41, Maple Street, tree down in road; 3:06, Main Street, power outage; 3:08, Main Street, commercial alarm activation; 3:15, Main Street, commercial alarm activation; 3:22, Nashua Road and Merrimac Drive, wire across road; 3:51, Mt. Lebanon Street, wire and branch across road; 4:12, Groton Street, request officer at Brooks Pharmacy, problem with customer; 4:16, Elm Street, wires down; 4:30, South Road, request check of house; 4:36, Parkwood Drive, party applied for credit with Nextel/Sprint using resident’s information; 4:40, Brookline and Park streets, tree on wires, arcing; 5:01, Main Street, wires down; 5:10, Canal Street, wires down; 5:32, Townsend Street, wires down; 5:40, Brookline Street, arcing wires; 8:21, Wheeler Street, tree and wires down; 8:30, Parkwood Drive, request crime scene tape; 8:51, Leighton Street, commercial alarm activation; 9:21, Canal Street, wires down; 9:53, Parkwood Drive, report of missing juveniles.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

A.M. 5:24, Hadley Road, residential alarm activation; 5:43, East Street, residential fire alarm activation; 8:54, Cheyenne Drive, telephone pole on fire; 10:09, West Street, attempt to serve summons.

P.M. 4:19, Tarbell Street, report of abandoned vehicle; 4:39, Maple Street, welfare check due to power outage; 5:49, Lomar Park Drive, alarm activation; 7:44, Lowell Road, motor vehicle complaint; 9:08, Lowell Road, motor vehicle complaint; 10:58, River Road, complaint about loud music.


Sunday, Jan. 7: Michael R. Taylor, 24, 7 Tucker Street, charged with possession of Class D substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute, possession of firearm without firearm identification, conspiracy to violate Controlled Substance Act, firearm storage violation, illegal possession of Class E substance, later charged also with manufacturing, distribution and dispensing controlled substance.

Saturday, Jan. 13: Dennis R. Fisette, 25, 84 Groton Street, malicious destruction of property, resisting arrest, assault.