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TOWNSEND — Appointed by the town moderator, resident Jennifer Langton has taken a seat on the Finance Committee to serve a term that will expire in 2008.

Langton replaced member Joseph Berman, who resigned several months ago, according to the town clerk’s assistant Susan Funaiole.

Langton moved to Townsend in 1992 from West Concord, where she grew up, before the birth of her first child, Alyssa, who is now an eighth grade student at Hawthorne Brook, she said. Her second child, 3-year-old Abigail, attends preschool in Lunenburg, said Langton.

Townsend is a nice place to live — it’s similar to her hometown, she said, and she hopes to stay.

“I like that everything that I want is relatively close,” said Langton.

Langton coached Pop Warner cheerleading for four years, and now assists the Parent Teacher Organization, she said, but she would like to put some of her working experience to use for the good of the town.

“I volunteer wherever I can,” said Langton.

After high school, Langton attended Middlesex Community College for two years, majoring in business management and accounting, she said.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew that (accounting) was something I could do and I was good at it,” said Langton.

For several years, she ran a condominium association in Maynard. Langton maintained a budget there ranging from $500,000 to $600,000 after taking over the duties of a management company the association had contracted, she said.

Langton was about to transfer to Bentley when she decided to stay home and raise her oldest daughter.

Meanwhile, Langton pursued a certificate in reflexology — a practice that focuses on stimulating the reflex points on the soles of the feet, she said. It took 375 practical hours plus academic work in anatomy to complete the certificate program at New England Institute of Reflexology.

From 1997 until recently, Langton did the bookkeeping for Pepperell contractor R&M Contracting, and works about 10 hours a week for Don Varney Associates in New .

Her specialty, she said, is going into a company and setting up the books, then handing the reins over to another professional.

Langton said she is focusing on motherhood right now, but while she’s home with her children she performs administrative duties, including accounts payable and accounts receivable for her family’s landscaping business, Einstein’s Inc.

With her work, she said she tries to look at things from many different perspectives, and hopes to bring that talent to the committee.

“This is the only committee I’ve ever been interested in because it’s what I like to do,” said Langton. Yet, she may not be as vocal as the more experienced members, she admits. At least, not yet.

“I’m there to learn from those that have the most experience, but I definitely have my own opinions to offer,” said Langton.

One is that the town must address the long-range finances; if the town isn’t careful now, it won’t have money later, she noted.

Fiscal year 2008 is going to be challenging, with a projected deficit that could reach more than $600,000, according to the town administrator.

“It may not be the best year to start,” she said with a chuckle.

But Langton would like to introduce a fresh view. She thinks it’s important for town boards and committees to see new faces, she said.

It seems like the same people volunteer for several boards, Langton pointed out.

“I’m not looking to change the world,” she said. “I have no special agenda other than offering my knowledge where it would be most useful.”

She said she likes her fellow members, and appreciates what they have to offer.

“I think it’s going to be a great experience,” Langton said.