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GROTON — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Jan. 18, and Wednesday, Jan. 24:

Thursday, Jan. 18

A.M. 12:04, Chicopee Row, area check; 12:18, Townsend Road, request for ambulance; 1:45, Boston Road, area check; 6:20, Boston and Forge Village roads, vehicle disabled; 10:11, Main and Arlington streets, traffic hazard.

P.M. 1:34, Main Street, DARE assignment; 4:36, Chicopee Row and Raddin Road, equipment violation; 6:32, Whiley Road, attempt to serve papers; 6:37, Main Street, parking violation; 7:01, Labbe Road, attempt to serve papers; 7:24, Willowdale Road, request for ambulance; 7:52, Hollis and Main streets, equipment violation; 10:30, Lakeside Drive, motor-vehicle lockout; 10:50, Martins Pond Road, accident with property damage; 10:52, Chicopee Row, accident with property damage; 11:33, Old Ayer Road and Worthern Drive, accident with property damage.

Friday, Jan. 19

A.M. 2:45, Labbe Road, request for ambulance; 4:45, Main Street, suspicious vehicle; 6:39, Main Street, request for ambulance; 7:35, Boston and Sandy Pond roads, motor-vehicle complaint; 8:37, Old Ayer Road and Worthern Drive, traffic control; 9:13, Chicopee Row, warrant arrest; 10:31, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport.

P.M. 1:12, Maple Avenue and Pepperell Road, accident with property damage; 1:19, Kemp Street, lost property; 1:56, Old Dunstable Road, suspicious activity; 5:12, Main Street, lost property; 6:42, Whiley Road, serve summons; 8:17, Main Street, business alarm; 8:31, Main Street, area check; 8:56, Boston Road, business alarm; 9:07, Main Street, business alarm; 10:35, Deerfield Drive, motor-vehicle complaint; 11:59, Boston Road, area check.

Saturday, Jan. 20

A.M. 1:35, Chicopee Row, area check; 1:35, Lowell and Schoolhouse roads, equipment violation; 2:33, Main Street, business alarm; 3:18, Townsend Road, assist citizen; 7:40, Pleasant Street, vehicle disabled; 10:56, Boston Road, business alarm.

P.M. 4:38, Boston Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 5:22, Willowdale Road, fire; 6:59, Watson Way, fire; 9:20, Main Street, business alarm.

Sunday, Jan. 21

A.M. 12:17, Chicopee Row, area check; 3:08, Main Street, business alarm; 8:19, Main Street, traffic control; 10:02, Rail Trail, found property.

P.M. 4:18, Whiley Road, fire; 6:08, Rustic Trail, fire; 7:41, Willowdale Road, request for ambulance.

Monday, Jan. 22

A.M. 12:04, Boston Road, area check; 12:22, Main Street, area check; 7:33, Chicopee Row, accident with personal injury; 7:37, Boston and Sandy Pond roads, motor-vehicle complaint; 8:45, Fairway Drive, area check; 9:51, New Pond Road, area check.

P.M. 4:59, Main Street, motor-vehicle complaint; 6:56, Lowell Road, serve summons; 7:19, Main Street, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; 8:27, Whitman Road, residential alarm; 8:31, Schoolhouse Road, motor-vehicle lockout; 9:31, Main Street, business alarm.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

A.M. 2:36, Main Street, business alarm; 2:55, Shenandoah Road, domestic related; 8:04, Main Street, accident with property damage; 8:11, Main Street, lifeline; 8:50, Lowell Road, request for ambulance; 8:59, Main Street, vandalism; 10:00, Main Street, business alarm; 10:56, Shenandoah Road, check person’s welfare; 11:52, Ames Road, motor-vehicle complaint.

P.M. 12:44, Lowell Road, motor-vehicle lockout; 12:57, Main Street, motor-vehicle lockout; 3:42, Schoolhouse Road, violation of junk-car bylaw; 3:52, Powderhouse Road, found property; 4:04, Martins Pond Road, violation of junk-car bylaw; 4:50, Stonecleave Road, attempt to serve papers; 6:22, Lone Lane, serve summons; 7:08, Lowell Road, accident with property damage; 7:33, Whiley Road, accident with personal injury.

Wednesday, Jan. 24

A.M. 12:39, Prescott Street, equipment violation; 1:24, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious vehicle; 1:29, Boston Road, area check; 1:51, Boston Road, area check; 1:59, Shenandoah Road, area check; 5:49, Boston Road, accident with personal injury; 7:23, Pepperell Road, accident with property damage; 7:28, Main Street, business alarm; 7:54, Farmers Row and Higley Street, accident with property damage; 8:00, Boston and Robin Hill roads, accident with property damage; 8:04, Pepperell Road and Maple Avenue; accident with property damage; 9:04, Main Street, accident with property damage; 9:30, Stonecleave Road, serve summons; 11:41, Sandy Pond Road, animal hit by motor vehicle.

P.M. 1:48, Whiley Road, fire; 5:10, Boston Road, accident with property damage; 7:57, Farmers Row, drugs possession.