TOWNSEND — Paul Concemi is one of two new members appointed by the Town Moderator to serve on the Finance Committee, but he isn’t new to the town’s political scene, he said.

Concemi, whose term expires in 2007, replaces former member Donald Klein, who resigned, according to the Susan Funaiole, assistant to the town clerk.

A 13-year resident of Townsend, Concemi hails from Lawrence, Mass. He moved to the area in 1978, living first in Pepperell and Groton.

“I’ve always loved Nashoba Valley, the whole area,” he said in a Jan. 29 interview. “But Townsend is just one of those small, little delightful towns that you want to go backwards in time.”

The locale, the essence, and the people are only a few things he likes about the town; another is the town meeting form of government, he said.

“To me it’s the essence of democracy,” Concemi explained. “This is what our Founding Fathers wanted.”

Residents under this form of government can speak their mind during public meetings, he said, and it’s a chance for the common man to exercise his constitutional freedoms.

“Townsend is very lucky,” said Concemi. “This is absolutely the purest form of government.”

After his term as a selectman expired in 2005, Concemi wanted to continue to “work for the good of the town.” He was also once the chairman of the Master Planning Committee, and is currently a member of the selectmen-appointed Budget Sustainability Task Force, he said.

The missions of the task force and the Finance Committee are similar, said Concemi, but their focus differs in that the task force is looking closely at long-range sustainability.

Whatever the mission, challenging financial times requires volunteers who care, he said.

“I’m willing to give it everything I have,” Concemi affirmed.

The recent turnover on the committee will be a real change; Concemi is interested to see how members work together as a team, he said.

A self-professed consensus-builder, Concemi wants to keep the big picture in mind when addressing the town’s budget.

“I like to keep my options open,” he said. “I think that’s what I bring to the floor as a Finance Committee member.”

His term as a selectmen gave him the insight to recognize what the town’s critical issues and needs are, said Concemi, while looking at the “global picture.”

“I really have to say that that is one of the main criteria that I’m using — always to keep, in my own mind, very objective about what’s been going on,” he said. “What it’s going to come down to in the end is how well we keep that.”

Concemi, who is the pharmacy director at HealthAlliance hospital for the Burbank and Leominster campuses, at work deals with budgets as large as $12 million.

“That’s why I keep saying the numbers are important,” Concemi said. “I don’t get awed by them because I’m used to working with them. They don’t diminish the whole process.”

Concemi said he will probably enjoy being on the FinCom.

“One of my interests has always been finance,” he said. “Serving is truly an honor and it’s something that I’m certainly looking forward to.”