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CONCORD, Mass. — Jennifer Belli, a patient care technician in the critical care unit (CCU), and Joan Schiller, a Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) volunteer, have been recognized for their compassionate care.

Belli and Schiller were honored at an award ceremony for the Terry Croteau Compassionate Care award, named after an Emerson Hospital employee who lost her battle with breast cancer. This is the third year the compassionate care award has been given.

The concept for the award grew out of Emerson Hospital’s involvement in the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting compassionate care in medicine. All Emerson employees involved in the care of patients and their families are eligible for the award. At the award ceremony, members of the Emerson Hospital community gathered to honor the recipients’ legacies of generosity and recall their empathetic caregiving and interactions with patients.

Belli, who dedicated the award to her mother, works with patients who are in distress and vulnerable.

Much of her job is providing hands-on, soothing patient care, which in turn makes a nurse’s job easier.

“She has given much comfort to patients by a warm bath and clean bed,” said Maureen Cannava, RN. “She assists nurses by setting up for procedures, walking patients and stocking equipment. Jennifer is our hands and our hearts. She is a tremendous treasure in my life and in my patient care.”

Schiller, who has volunteered at Emerson for more than 20 years — 19,690 hours — eases the fears of families waiting for their loved ones to finish surgery. A role model of respectful care, Schiller is a kind and gentle presence in the PACU.

“Joan is the epitome of what Emerson is all about,” said Kathi Saball, RN, PACU clinical manager. “She makes every effort to ensure that each family member is kept abreast of and all information. I don’t know what we would do without her. Her passion for people shines in this arena.”

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