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HARVARD — The School Committee has presented a budget for fiscal year 2008 that calls for an $882,502 — 8.9 percent — increase in spending.

If approved, it would bring the school omnibus to $10,747,317 for FY08, up from $9,864,815 in FY07.

The figures presented to the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen during a Jan. 13 tri-board meeting didn’t detail new positions or programs that would be added to the district, nor did it track outside revenue sources within the district.

Those issues led to calls for more information when the tri-board reconvenes on Jan. 20.

“This packet is good. There’s a lot of information,” said Finance Committee Chairman Deborah Ricci. “But one of the things we asked everyone to do is tell what they’re expenditures are now, then tell what anticipated increases would be.”

On Jan. 6 the selectmen isolated new budget items as small warrant articles, said Finance Committee member Steven Colwell, but the school scattered its additions throughout the budget.

“It’s a completely different philosophy from last week,” he said.

Superintendent of Schools Thomas Jefferson said more information would be provided. Overall, he said the budget was compiled by tracking the needs of the district, and there wasn’t much new spending.

Major needs are math and science, he said, which meant adding three full-time educators at the high school and three tutoring positions at the elementary level for early intervention with struggling students. A full-time special education position would be added to the budget as well, he said.

Selectmen William Marinelli and Randall Dean noted that three new teachers at the high school would only amount to approximately $150,000 of what’s projected as a $360,599 increase in personnel expenses. They said they need an explanation on the remainder.

Marinelli also requested more information about how outside revenues are being spent in the district. He said there’s no reckoning of how tuition from the Devens contract or other revenues is being spent, and that needs to be accounted.

“You’re asking us to make an assessment and support a budget, but you’re not telling us what your other revenues and expenditures are,” he said. “If you need our support, you need to show us everything.”

The information was promised, and School Committee member Paul Wormser assured the tri-board that this budget was reviewed “penny by penny” to include only what’s necessary.

“This budget represents the needs of the schools for FY08,” he said. “We recognize the challenge facing all of the boards for getting this budget approved by town meeting.”

Wormser was referring to a projection made in December that showed the town facing a $788,545 deficit in FY08.

That figure was reached by extrapolating historic increases in town and school departments, but doesn’t include new contracts for town employees. The teachers, police and Department of Public Works have all been without new contracts since July, and any agreement figures to include increases for FY07 and FY08 for raises. Each 1 percent increase across the board has been projected as costing the town $100,000 per fiscal year.

Though the contracts remain an unknown, the selectmen’s budget carries increases of $291,692, and Marinelli said it should be added with school figures on Jan. 20 to get an idea of the override request for the Annual Town Meeting.

“It’ll be very instructive to see the total roll up and what the total override would be,” he said.

The final budget will be set Jan. 27, said Ricci, who opened the meeting saying those figures should be as low as possible.

“We know we’ll be facing a large override,” she said. “As we look through this budget, we should make sure we know the difference between our wants and our needs.”

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