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SHIRLEY — The police and fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, Jan. 1 and Monday, Jan. 8:

Monday, Jan. 1

A.M. 8:20, Lancaster Road accident, DPW struck a mailbox; 10:13, Center Road, deer struck the night before; 11:01, Squannacook Road, car struck pole.

P.M. 7:16, Leominster Road, vehicle stop; 10:51, Front Street, suspicious person hanging around store.

Tuesday, Jan. 2

A.M. 4:32, Leominster Road, vehicle stop; 7:18, Great Road, several vehicle citations.

P.M. 1:49, Keady Way, two inherited guns turned in at station; 3:34, Brook Trail Drive, coyote in yard; 3:40, Walker Road, bulldog in yard; 4:30, (street withheld) caller asks to speak with officer about a rape; 6:09, Peabody Road, speeding complaint.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

A.M. 6:00, resident turned in fireworks found in cellar; 6:09, Frost Street, vehicle stop with arrest; 9:07, deer struck, found to be in Ayer; 9:39, Walker Road, deer struck, vehicle towed, driver kept the deer; 10:39, man in station reporting an assault, advised to take civil action; 11:19, Apple Drive, Springer Spaniel lost.

P.M. 1:31, Andrea Terrace, nuisance dog; 4:43, Hazen Road, home burglar alarm; 8:23, Clark Road, serve summons; 11:00, police station, woman says ex-boyfriend trying to get her fired from job; 11:20, Center Road, keep peace while belongings removed; 11:37, Walker Road, suspicious vehicle next to parked train.

Thursday, Jan. 4

P.M. 12:13, Clark Road, loose dog in yard; 8:34, Great Road, suspicious car alarm.

Friday, Jan. 5

A.M. 12:28, Mt. Laurel Circle, suspicious vehicle; 1:15, Fredonian Street, parking citation; 5:18, Lancaster Road, radar patrol resulting in four vehicle stops; 5:41, Great Road, warning given for trailer with no plates.

P.M. 1:42, Lancaster Road, suspicious man behind school, nothing found; 2:22, Clark Road, ambulance transport to Leominster Hospital; 2:32, Route 2A, school bus driver reports being passed by car while red lights flashing, almost hit a child; 4:01, Lancaster Road and Parker Road, eight vehicle stops; 10:02, Walker Road, suspicious group of youths.

Saturday, Jan. 6

A.M. 1:44, Front Street, train stopped to remove bicycle from tracks; 2:19, Ayer Road, suspicious vehicle; 4:27, Shaker Road, check abandoned 911 call; 6:42, Harvard Road, ambulance call; 9:05, Townsend Road; 10:52, Lawton Road, four vehicle stops.

P.M. 12:05, Townsend Road, Lifeline activation leads to CPR then ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 12:31, Ayer Road, fire alarm activation due to steam from shower; 2:49, Ayer Road, vehicle speeding and swerving; 3:47, Lancaster Road, first of eight stops; 10:32, Squannacook Road, suspicious vehicle leading to arrest, tow.

Sunday, Jan. 7

A.M. 12:18, Ayer Road, people fighting; 1:41, Ayer Road, fire alarm due to food on stove; 6:42, Great Road, person sleeping in vehicle.

P.M. 12:22, Benjamin Road, dog struck, owner took to vet; 12:57, Nemehiah Road, SFD assisted with home lock-out; 1:29, Lancaster Road, children jumping off roof; 3:51, Chapel Street, redeemable cans stolen worth $30; 6:06, Devens, party with gun reportedly on bus to Shriver Job Corps; 9:36, Lancaster Road, assist Devens police with arrest.

Monday, Jan. 8

A.M. Catecunemaug Road, vehicle off the road; 12:43, Main Street, assist Ayer Police; 2:57, mutual aid, fire coverage for West Groton; 6:34, yellow Lab missing, left collar and tags behind.

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