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TOWNSEND — The Library Trustees invited guests to enjoy hot mulled cider and snacks at the Townsend Public Library during a reception held to welcome two new library staff members.

The trustees introduced children’s librarian Stacy Schuttler and part-time technician Karen Savage at the reception held on Jan. 13. Schuttler and Savage, who joined the library staff in November, each received a plant as a gift from the trustees to celebrate their coming aboard.

Schuttler has replaced children’s librarian Diane Eaton, who retired last year following a 30-year tenure at the library, according to Heidi Fowler, the library director. While working full-time at the library, Schuttler is currently pursuing a master’s degree in library science through the University of Rhode Island, she said.

Schuttler been busy in her new job, however. Several new displays adorn the bulletin boards in the children’s room downstairs, and Schuttler has taken over toddler story time, held at Memorial Hall.

The children’s library looks small, said Schuttler, but she has plans to give it a makeover in the coming months. New paint, new displays and new curtains are a few of the things that will make a big difference, she said.

Just because the room is small doesn’t mean it offers little selection, Schuttler said. Through the CW/MARS (Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing) network, the library can order patrons’ selections from other participating libraries, she explained.

As for the children’s library shelves, Schuttler plans to organize them by re-labeling the books’ spines with various colors so visitors can search by content quickly, she said.

In addition, Schuttler has applied for a Museum of Science grant to fund a traveling program called “Super Cold Science,” she said.

“We have a lot of ideas and things in the works,” said Schuttler.

Savage, on the other hand, spends four hours a week at the library on Wednesdays, assisting customers at the circulation desk, processing items for the CW/MARS exchange, and calling patrons to let them know their books have arrived, she said.

Savage, a mother of two, said she often visited the library because her son likes to read. The four hours a week permits her to tend to her “mom’s taxi” duties since her son and daughter are both active in sports. Savage enjoys being in the library, she said, and especially likes working with people, so the job is a natural fit.

Prior to working at the library, Savage worked at the Maynard branch of the Cooperative Bank of Concord, she said.

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