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ASHBY — Where else can one learn pitch, sing about alligator pie and practice for Halloween, but in the kindergarten music class at Ashby Elementary School.

Music teacher Deborah Hencke enthralled her class by singing the roll call and having each child respond in kind.

”We’re learning about pitch, and when we started four weeks ago, only about three of the students could respond by singing,” she said. “Now the entire class can.”

It’s easier for girls to sing than boys, as the females have more of a tendency to sing while playing, said Hencke.

”You don’t hear boys singing on the playground, but since we’ve started our class my young men have found their singing voices,” she said.

Following Hencke’s lead after completing the roll call, the students sang about what they’ll be for Halloween.

”Halloween, the strangest night I’ve ever seen,” the song began, with each student then singing what they will be dressed up as. Characters like fairies, witches, bunnies and ghosts were high on the list.

The children then did a rendition of “Alligator Pie,” while continuing to learn how to sing in pitch.

”We sing many songs in our kindergarten class, and they get to hear and learn what pitch is all about,” said Hencke.

Using a tom-tom drum, Hencke also teaches the students how to march around to the beat of the drum. When the drum stops, so do the children.

Hencke teaches music to kindergarten through grade five. She also works with the school’s bands and chorus.

”We have an 87-percent participation rate with the music here,” she said. “I guess our students love music.”

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