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PEPPERELL — Police and fire responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Oct. 11 and Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Wednesday, Oct. 11

A.M. 12:18, Bennett Street, request for the ambulance; 12:34, Tarbell Street, request for the ambulance; 7:20, South Road and Shirley Street, disabled vehicle in travel way; 7:27, Parkwood Drive, request for the ambulance; 8:25, South Road, traffic violation, unregistered vehicle; 8:58, Main Street, Dunstable, broken pipe; 9:19, South Road, traffic violation, unregistered, uninspected; 11:32, Mason Street, report of unattended death.

P.M. 1:17, no address, missing person report; 1:43, Shawnee Road, check on welfare; 2:06, Lowell Road, possible distraught female; 2:36, Main Street, bank alarm sounding; 3:20, Jewett Street, report of suspicious activity; 5:50, Elm Street, serve summons; 6:27, South Road and Townsend Street, report of disabled vehicle; 7:33, Oak Hill and Park streets, report of vehicle in middle of road.

Thursday, Oct. 12

A.M. 7:17, Pleasant Street, missing person returned home; 11:59, Main Street, possible restraining order violation.

P.M. 1:13, Mt. Lebanon Street, civil dispute; 4:06, Leighton Street, past assault and battery; 5:08, Main Street, motor vehicle accident, no injuries; 6:02, Oakland Road, conduct investigation; 6:02, Main Street, locked out of vehicle; 6:41, Palmer Road, request for the ambulance.

Friday, Oct. 13

A.M. 12:00, River Road, female in station reports domestic abuse; 12:16, Shirley Street, domestic verbal argument, wife left on foot; 1:36, Lowell Road and Lowell Street, vehicle drove through road construction; 7:51, Mason Street, reports purchased stolen telephone from eBay; 9:03, Chestnut Street, information on past larceny.

Saturday, Oct. 14

A.M. 8:02, Groton and Tarbell streets, commercial alarm activation; 9:31, Groton Street, locked out of vehicle; 11:46, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation.

P.M. 12:52, Kayla Lane, sick dog in road, no tags; 1:01, Main Street, Dunstable, fire alarm activation; 3:07, Main Street, serve restraint order for Beverly police; 3:55, Cottage Street, request for the ambulance; 4:52, Leighton Street, disagreement between father and daughter; 4:57, Prospect Street, traffic complaint; 7:16, Hollis Street, residential alarm activation; 7:25, Mason Street, daughter not following house rules; 10:14, Hotel Place, request welfare check on residence; 10:57, Province Street, report of underage party, two adult arrests.

Sunday, Oct. 15

A.M. 12:23, South Road, possible larceny of firewood; 2:43, Hollis Street, stop vehicle, OUI arrest; 10:28, Main Street, request for the ambulance; 10:37, Main Street, serve summons; 11:10, Nashua Road, problem with a dog.

P.M. 4:38, River Road, residential alarm sounding; 7:48, Parkwood Drive, request for the ambulance; 8:39, Nashua Road, dog struck by vehicle; 8:45, Main Street, two arrests on motor vehicle warrants.

Monday, Oct. 16

A.M. 12:18, East Street, unwanted party; 6:25, Lomar Park Drive, locked out of vehicle; 10:09, Hollis Street, juvenile matter.

P.M. 12:43, Main Street, serve trespass letter; 2:49, Main Street, information about dumped animal entrails; 3:24, Nashua Road, request for the ambulance; 3:58, Townsend Street, past hit and run, vehicle and motorcycle; 4:11, Nashua Road, request for the ambulance; 5:56, Rail Trail, complaint against horseback rider; 66:34, Lawrence Street, vehicle strikes telephone pole, leaves scene; 8:15, Maple Street, unwanted person; 9:11, Main Street, child seat installation, inspection; 10:01, Tarbell Street, request for the ambulance.

Tuesday, Oct. 17

A.M. 11:27, Lowell Road, attempt to serve summons; 11:43, Hollis Street, attempt to serve summons.

P.M. 4:10, Nashua Road, complaint about ATV; 5:05, Nashua Road, attempt to serve restraining order; 5:28, Main Street, locked out of vehicle; 5:31, Main Street, child seat installation, inspection; 5:46, Groton Street, attempt to serve summons; 5:54, Lowell Road, serve summons; 6:12, Main Street, serve summons; 7:03, Groton Street, commercial alarm activation; 9:22, Parkwood Drive, juvenile matter; 9:28, Tucker Street, landlord, tenant issue.


Friday, Oct. 13: Timothy W. Sullivan, 39, 27 River Road, assault and battery by dangerous weapons, domestic assault and battery.

Saturday, Oct. 14: Catherine L. Blood, 18, 22 Province St., disorderly person, assault and battery on police officer, resisting arrest; Dylan T. Racicot, 22, 22 Province St., disorderly person, resisting arrest, assault and battery on police officer, assault and battery by dangerous weapons, malicious destruction of property.

Sunday, Oct. 15: Joseph L. Malonson, 23, 10 Laramie Circle, Nashua, N.H., operating vehicle under influence of liquor, failure to stay in marked lanes; Robert Wayne McKenney, 30, 33 Brown Street, Winchendon, refusal to produce license and registration, operation after registration revoked, operating uninsured vehicle, attaching plates, two warrants.

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