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SHIRLEY — The police and fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, Aug. 7, and Monday, Aug. 14:

Monday, Aug. 7

A.M. 11:18, Groton Road, ongoing investigation; 11:19, Great Road, abandoned motor vehicle.

P.M. 2:31, Lancaster Road, party in lobby to report minor motor vehicle accident with property damage, possible personal injury; 3:12, Church Street, general services; 4:05, ambulance sent to Mount Laurel Circle; 4:18, Squannacook Road, officer wanted; 4:29, Pamela Drive, caller requested Animal Control Officer regarding lost dog found; 5:25, Davis Street, general services; 5:52, Groton Road, animal control officer notified to call owner of lost dog; 7:48, Crabtree Lane, party reported loose goat; 8:02, Catacunemaug Road, served summons; 8:14, Squannacook Road, attempted to locate owner of goat from previous call; 9:20, Main Street, investigated business burglar alarm; 10:39, Brown Road, animal complaint; 11:25, Great Road, investigated business burglar alarm.

Tuesday, Aug. 8

A.M. 12:56, Suspicious persons; 5:50, Great Road, business burglar alarm; 5:54, Main Street, general services; 9:02, ambulance sent to Fort Pond Road as mutual aid; 11:12, Longley Road, served paperwork.

P.M. 1:04, Front Street, officer wanted; 4:48, Mill Street, motor vehicle lockout; 5:14, Hospital Road, fire alarm activated, confirmed accidental; 6:59, Crabtree Lane, loose goat reported; 9:40, Great Road, noise complaint; 10:22, Morin Street, loose dog reported.

Wednesday, Aug. 9

A.M. 1:26, Fire Department sent to Fitchburg as mutual-aid; 3:03, Townsend Road, suspicious activity; 6:05, Shaker Road, traffic hazard; 8:08, Morin Street, animal complaint; 8:37, Lancaster Road, larceny, objects stolen from motor vehicles; 10:45, Moore Drive, loose dogs.

Thursday, Aug. 10

A.M. 4:49, Catacunemaug Road, noise complaint; 7:48, ambulance sent to Valley View Way; 8:48, Townsend Road, domestic disturbance.

P.M. 12:19, Church Street, larceny; 12:52, Townsend Road, assisted citizen; 1:19, Center Road, safety hazard, assisted Department of Public Works checking manhole covers; 3:10, Great Road, motor vehicle accident involving motorcycle with property damage; 6:18, Great Road, disabled motor vehicle; 6:20, Great Road, speeding complaint; 8:42, Front Street, disabled motor vehicle; 9:43, Chapel Street, general disturbance; 9:56, Chapel Street, general disturbance.

Friday, Aug. 11

A.M. 5:59, Lancaster Road, disturbing the peace; 6:44, Lancaster Road, disturbing the peace; 8:18, Lancaster Road, delivered paperwork to Orchard Estates; 8:34, Lancaster Road, message delivery; 11:43, Center Road, assisted citizen with house lockout.

P.M. 2:24, Mulpus Road, Fire Department investigated alarm, sending an engine and ladder, confirmed accidental; 3:40, ambulance sent to Lawton Road; 6:53, Ayer Road, traffic citation; 7:03, Front Street, served summons; 8:03, Amanda Lane, accidental 911 call; 10:02, Shaker Road, suspicious activity; 10:25, Hazen Road, investigated fire hazard; 11:19, town roads, assisted Ayer Police Department.

Saturday, Aug. 12

A.M. 12:19, Mount Laurel Circle, suspicious motor vehicle; 5:59, Front Street, traffic citation; 11:29, Front Street, general services; 11:36, Washington Street, assisted Ayer Police Department; 11:53, Valley View Way, vandalism to motor vehicle.

P.M. 1:01, Benjamin Road, officer wanted; 3:09, caller reported assault; 9:23, Longley Road, investigated home burglar alarm, confirmed accidental; 9:59, Front Street, harassment.

Sunday, Aug. 13

A.M. 12:09, Ayer Road, noise complaint; 9:19, Church Street, general services; 9:40, Nehemiah Road, investigated home burglar alarm, confirmed accidental; 10:35, Keady Way, property found, party returned $12 to station for owner to claim.

P.M. 12:46, Great Road, traffic citation; 1:44, Chapel Street, general services; 4:57, ambulance sent to Harvard Road; 6:20, Keady Way, officer wanted; 8:09, Groton Road, Groton Police Department reported location of party with outstanding warrant, resulting in arrest; 8:25, Benjamin Road, Fire Department investigated smell of smoke; 9:29, Shaker Road, abandoned call, confirmed accidental.

Monday, Aug. 14

A.M. 5:46, Leominster Road, motor vehicle stop resulting in arrest.


Sunday, Aug. 13: Brandon Cleveland, 19, of Shirley, warrant arrest, resulting in additional charges of resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer

Monday, Aug. 14: Lisa Fortune, 43, of Shirley, charged with operating a motor vehicle in violation of license restriction, operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

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