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Selectmen should correct zoning officer’s decision


I could not believe my eyes when I read that the zoning officer has declared that Fruitlands is not an educational institution, but a tea room. I don’t know of a museum in the commonwealth that is predominantly identified as a tea room/restaurant rather than what it is.

I would like to know where the Board of Selectmen is on this issue. As far as I know the selectmen have the top job in this town. They hire the building/zoning officers and should monitor their work. The board functions as the CEO, CFO and COO for residents. Its jobs is to manage the town’s activities for the benefit of its citizens. It seems to be so caught up and split apart on the Devens issue that it has ignored this very important issue.

Can this town afford to get embroiled in a lawsuit with Fruitlands? It is so unnecessary. Maybe what we need to do is request the state building inspector to come out and inspect Fruitlands and resolve this in an appropriate manner. Since the state’s inspector will be using the new state building code that’s based on international standards, we should get an unbiased judgment.

The selectmen should resolve their individual issues and come together to give the town sufficient date that will allow each voter to make a thoughtful decision when we have to vote on the disposition of Devens.

Mr. and Mrs. Green founded the Citizens for Harvard’s Future, which has been struggling to get information to all the voters that will help in their decision-making. They should be thanked and applauded as they are doing a Herculean task.

I ask that the members of the board pull together and provide the voters, in writing, with the pros and cons. How can we make an appropriate judgment without the data?



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