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PEPPERELL — The police and fire departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Aug. 9, and Tuesday, Aug. 15:

Wednesday Aug. 9

A.M. 4:58, Maple Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 6:44, Lowell Street, dog running after jogger; 6:51, Pine Street, report of glass broken by teens and left at scene; 7:04, Brookline Street, investigate 911 hang-up; 7:50, Cottage Street, report of two men having an argument; 9:27, Ashley Street, investigate alarms sounding, unable to reset; 9:59, Main Street, caller suspicious of van in parking lot.

Thursday, Aug. 10

A.M. 1:14, Chestnut Street, illegal dumping reported; 7:43, Cottage Street, request to speak to an officer; 11:16, Shirley Street, attempt to serve summons.

P.M. 4:22, Elm Street, disabled vehicle; 4:36, Brookline, N.H., request for mutual aid engine coverage of station; 8:05, Shirley Street, attempt to serve summons; 8:17, Nashua Road, serve restraining order; 9:28, Jersey Street, report of debris in road, possible traffic hazard; 10:07, Tucker Park, report of teens breaking glass; 10:18, South Road, mutual aid police requested to Townsend.

Friday, Aug. 11

A.M. 12:01, Shirley Street, report of barking dog; 12:19, Hollis Street, caller suspicious of two males in area; 12:28, South Road, open door found; 12:31, Friends Way, caller suspicious of vehicle on private property; 1:14, River Road, report of loud television; 5:54, Mason Street, lift assistance; 10:11, Main Street, commercial alarm activation; 10:15, Shirley Street, investigate 911 hang-up.

Saturday, Aug. 12

A.M. 1:32, Park Street, request to remove drunken subject; 2:24, Elm Street, investigate report of erratic operation; 4:40, Orion Road, residential fire alarm activated; 5:43, Brookline Street, residential carbon monoxide detector activated; 9:03, Parkwood Drive, report of vandalism; 11:30, Province Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 12:58, Hollis Street, request for the ambulance, 1:17, Shattuck Street, respond to child custody issue; 2:41, Parkwood Drive, report of barking dog; 2:42, Main Street, problem with neighbor; 2:58, Willow Street, report of multiple horses in road; 4:07, Hollis Street, chimney fire; 4:09, Leighton Street minor motor vehicle accident; 6:02, Main Street, request for restraining order; 6:18, SWAT team call-out; 9:14, Jewett Street arrest, operating under influence of liquor, marked lane violation; 9:21, Groton and William streets, hit and run accident reported; 9:25, Townsend Street, complaint about tail-gating; 10:22, First Avenue, request for the ambulance.

Sunday, Aug. 13

A.M. 12:32, Nashua Road and Mill Street, report of motor vehicle alarm sounding; 2:30, Countryside Road, vandalism, small fire reported, extinguished; 2:47, Main Street, arrest on restraint order violation; 5:00, Main Street, prisoner transfer from Lunenburg; 8:09, Holllis Street, request to check bathrooms; 9:24, Tarbell Street, report of man yelling; 10:59, Tucker Street, residential alarm and odor reported.

P.M. 4:48, Groton Street, arrest, possession of Class D substance (marijuana); 6:22, Main Street, school fire alarm activated; 10:23, William Street, fireworks complaint.

Monday, Aug. 14

A.M. 3:49, Main Street, commercial alarm activated; 11:28, Heald Street, investigate 911 call, accidental.

P.M. 12:26, Brookline Street, dog struck by car; 4:00, Bancroft Street, serve summons; 5:50, Mill Street, emergency restraining order issued by phone; 7:31, Shattuck Street, request for officer, female crying on side of road; 10:10, Hollis Street, investigate motor vehicle accident with injuries, operating under influence of liquor, marked lane violation; 11:09, Park Street, report of harassing phone calls.

Tuesday, Aug. 15

A.M. 1:37, Parkwood Drive, report of fence on fire; 2:24, Lowell Street, caller suspicious of person in area; 8:16, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident; 8:32,, Groton Street, commercial alarm activated and reset.

P.M. 1:48, arrest on warrant, no location identified by address; 4:04, Lowell Road, items stolen from yard; 4:23, Shawnee Road, report of male and female swearing, arguing; 4:28, Man Street, serve restraining order; 6:59, South Road and Hillside Drive, investigate report of motor vehicle accident; 7:17, Tucker Street, render advice pertaining to juvenile son; 8:29, Townsend Street, investigate motor vehicle accident with injury, possible drug charges; 10:01, River Road, information on past break-in into mobile home; 10:38, South Road, complaint about motor vehicle.


Saturday. Aug. 12: Ryan L. Burke, 22, 1731 Blackstone Drive, Nashua, N.H., charged with operating vehicle under the influence of liquor, failure to stay in lanes.

Sunday, Aug. 13: Ian P. Gray, 18, 23 Parkwood Drive, charged with illegal possession of Class D substance (marijuana); Aaron L. Lohnes, 31, 1432 Lancaster Ave., Lunenburg, charged with violation of protective order.

Tuesday, Aug. 15, Charles F. Nocella, 310, 82 Nashua Road, warrant arrest.

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