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AYER — Resident Keith Henderson has met with the Conservation Commission for a determination of applicability to see if building an addition to his house would require a special order of conditions.

Henderson plans on replacing a leaky garage roof, and said he decided to add a second floor to the house at the same time.

The building project was completely outside of the 100-foot wetland buffer zone on the property aside from a small corner that was not part of the work, said commission Chairman William Daniels at the Aug. 10 meeting.

“The only thing the commission would request is that you put in some hay bails,” said Daniels.

The commission voted to have no special conditions.

The commission also met with Joseph Levine, of Mill Corp., regarding a beaver dam that’s causing problems on Shaker Pond behind the Blue Northern retail store. The commission had made a site visit to survey the wetland flagging on the property.

“I thought the wetland flagging was spot on,” said Daniels.

Mill Corp. plans on removing the debris from the beaver dam by hand and adding it to a brush pile several hundred feet away, said Levine. Simply leaving debris nearby would allow the beaver to reclaim it, he said.

The commission issued an order of resource area determination, approving Mill Corp.’s wetland flagging. The commission will hold a public hearing for a request for determination of applicability with Mill Corp. during its Aug. 31 meeting for the work.

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