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AYER — The police and fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Aug. 10, and Wednesday, Aug. 16:

Thursday, Aug. 10

A.M. 1:46, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 2:29, Main Street, suspicious activity; 7:09, Harvard Road, animal complaint; 7:52, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 9:23, School Street, parking citation; 9:37, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 9:46, ambulance to Williams Street; 10:55, 11:03, 11:25, Central Avenue, traffic citations.

P.M. 12:07, Fire Department responded to a still alarm, sending an engine to Pleasant Street in response to a false alarm; 2:49, ambulance to Littleton Road; 5:15, Cambridge Street, parking complaint; 6:40, Norwood Avenue, served paperwork; 6:48, Central Avenue, police attempted to serve paperwork; 6:58, Sandy Pond Road, served paperwork; 7:08, Daybrook Drive, served paperwork; 7:17, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity at the Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 9:10, ambulance to Harvard Road; 10:17, ambulance as mutual aid to Littleton; 11:11, West Main Street, disturbance at the Brew Locker.

Friday, Aug. 11

A.M. 12:42, Park Street, suspicious activity; 12:42, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 1:15, East Main Street, assisted citizen; 8:46, West Main Street, parking citation; 9:18, ambulance to Vernon Street; 10:00, ambulance from Nashoba Valley Medical Center to Pleasant Street; 10:35, East Main Street, parking complaint; 10:42, East Main Street, parking citation; 10:49, East Main Street, traffic citation.

P.M. 2:35, Sandra’s Point Road, suspicious activity; 3:49, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 3:50, Fire Department responded to still alarm, which was a medical call on Calvin Street; 5:03, Harvard Road, Police Department provided emergency services; 5:19, ambulance as mutual aid to Littleton; 6:51, Groton School Road, domestic disturbance call ending in an arrest, husband was arrested for pushing his wife; 9:33, ambulance as mutual aid to Devens; 10:28, West Street, disturbance; 11:42, Park Street, noise complaint.

Saturday, Aug. 12

Sunday, Aug. 13

A.M. 1:13, East Main Street, parking citation; 1:18, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 2:20, East Main Street, parking citation; 2:28, Littleton Road, noise complaint; 9:56, ambulance to Park Street; 10:15, Willard Road, general services; 10:18, Groton Shirley Road, citizen came to department to seek a restraining order.

P.M. 4:03, ambulance to Groton School Road; 8:25, Jackson Street, video games and DVDs reported stolen; 8:32, Bligh Street, general services; 9:22, Park Street, served restraining order.

Monday, Aug. 14

A.M. 2:07, ambulance as mutual aid to Devens for a motor vehicle accident; 2:43, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 3:02, East Main Street, general services; 7:10, West Main Street, traffic citation; 8:10, Park Street, traffic citation; 11:16, School Street, parking complaint; 11:33, Harvard Road, traffic citation; 11:45, Pleasant Street, larceny; 11:47, Barnum Road, vehicle accident.

P.M. 12:45, Cambridge Street, police served a restraining order and collected a firearm from the restrained; 12:47, Depot Square, larceny; 1:14, East Main Street, traffic citation; 1:54, Park Street, traffic citation; 2:35, Groton Shirley Road, served paperwork ; 3:11, Fire Department responded to a box alarm, sending a forestry truck as mutual aid to the Devens South Post for a brush fire; 3:12, Sedgeway Drive, five-speed boat motor, brushcutter, and a box of fishing lures stolen from the yard of a home; 3:40, Main Street, vehicle accident; 4:04, East Main Street, suspicious activity; 5:36, Littleton Road, general services; 10:29, Washington Street, suspicious activity.

Tuesday, Aug. 15

A.M. 3:53, Fitchburg Road, disturbance at the Ayer Motor Inn; 4:45, Copeland Drive, burglar alarm; 5:12, Willard Street, suspicious activity; 5:29, Willard Court, assisted citizen; 7:50, 7:53, 8:07, Park Street, traffic citation; 8:40, Fire Department responded to an accidentally-tripped alarm at Ayer High School 11:09, 11:24, 11:33, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation.

P.M. 1:22, School Street, parking complaint; 4:19, Groton Shirley Road, traffic citation; 6:19, Sandy Pond Road, burglar alarm; 6:30 Park Street, suspicious activity; 7:46, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 8:38, Groton School Road, attempted breaking and entering at the Zodiac apartments. Police found evidence of attempted entry into a window and back door; 9:13, Park Street, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, Aug. 16

A.M. 12:58, Ambulance to Nashoba Park; 1:32, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 3:58, ambulance to Union Street; 6:11, Jonathan Drive, vehicle accident; 6:21, Jonathan Drive, motorist arrested for operating a motor vehicle without a license after hitting a parked car while delivering newspapers; 8:44, Groton School Road, vandalism; 10:30, Groton Street, BB holes shot in the window of a Chevy truck.

P.M. 1:40, Ambulance to Nashoba Park; 8:57, Fire Department responded to a silent still alarm, sending an engine to a reported gas odor in the area of Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 9:25, Groton School Road, family disturbance; 11:36, Main Street, suspicious activity.


Friday, Aug. 11: Pedro Antonio Mendez, 21, of Ayer, charged with assault and battery.

Saturday, Aug. 12: Jason Kidder, 28, of Ayer, charged with assault and battery and possession of a Class D substance (marijuana).

Wednesday, Aug. 16: Izolding Alves Jr., 37, of Hudson, charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license.

The Fire Department also had two public assists and three auto lockouts.

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