Dear editor:

I’m a middle school educator in a rural community in Michie (pronounced Mickey), Tenn. Many of our students are disadvantaged and see no future beyond high school. Our goal is to encourage the students to look past high school and into college. The idea is to immerse the students in an environment filled with pennants from the different colleges and universities from around the nation and to encourage the students to look outside McNairy County, Tennessee, to see other possibilities for their lives. Many students only know of the few major colleges and universities that are in our surrounding area and we would like to broaden their horizons seeing a better future through a college education.

The idea is to hang a banner titled “Where Are You Going To College?” and follow the banner with college pennants. To accomplish this, I need the help of individuals who are looking for a good home for their old college or university pennants that are stored in closets, attics, or boxes in garages. We will gratefully accept any and all pennants to hang in our classrooms, hallways and the cafeteria. Any willing individuals who would like to help with this program can mail their pennants to the address below. I would like to thank everyone in advance for his or her help in changing the future of our youth.


Michie Elementary School

6418 Hwy 57 East

Michie, TN 38357