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TOWNSEND — Squannacook Elementary School students discovered that some words are more difficult to spell than others during their annual spelling bee.

Frigid, icicle and lozenge were some of the tougher words as the youngsters battled to see who would be the last one standing. The victor was third-grader Tessa German, and second place went to fourth-grade student Haley Lynch.

Principal Christine Morassi gave all of the students words to spell and used each chosen word in a sentence.

As the June 14 event wore on, the words became more difficult to spell. Vaccination, scientific, corduroy, frugal and squadron were a few that took some students off the stage. The word German spelled to win the trophy was substitute.

“We have the spelling bee every year at the end of the school year. The students and faculty look forward to it,” Morassi said.

Parents and grandparents lined the walls of the gymnasium to watch the event and cheer on their children.

Once German was declared the winner, her classmates surrounded her to see her trophy and offer their congratulations. Lynch received a medal to proudly wear around her neck. The two youngsters both enjoyed the accolades.

The words are chosen from the dictionary, with plenty of them as the bee can take some time to complete, said Morassi.

“It can go on for some time. Some of these students are hard to knock out of the bee,” Morassi said.

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