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SHIRLEY — The police and fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, June 12, and Monday, June 19:

Monday, June 12

A.M. 9:01, ambulance sent to Groton for mutual aid; 10:44, ambulance sent to Great Road.

P.M. 1:03, Great Road, vehicle being operated erratically reported by Lunenburg police; 2:08, Lancaster Road, accidental home burglar alarm; 4:01, Keady Way, officer wanted to discuss incident involving youths on the bus; 5:15, Hazen Road, ongoing investigation; 7:12, Hazen Road, spoke with parents about earlier incident; 8:33, Briarwood Trailer Park, officer wanted to discuss domestic disturbance; 9:05, Catacunemaug Road, ongoing investigation.

Tuesday, June 13

A.M. 6:45, Great Road, two-car motor vehicle accident, no injury; 10:17, Hospital Road, motor vehicle lockout; 10:31, Hospital Road, ongoing investigation, met with Shirley Middle School principal regarding call on Monday, June 12; 11:44, Crabtree Lane, animal complaint of loose Labrador retriever.

P.M. 3:30, Hospital Road, general services; 3:43, Harvard Road, general disturbance; 5:27, Patterson Road, unwanted person; 7:22, Little Turnpike Road, speeding complaint; 10:05, Ayer Road, vandalism to windshield.

Wednesday, June 14

A.M. 8:26, Myles Lane, parking complaint; 10:57, Hospital Road, general services.

Thursday, June 15

A.M. 8:43; Front Street, minor two-car motor vehicle accident without injury.

P.M. 4:08, Kelsey Lane, animal complaint; 5:59, Harvard Road, follow-up concerning ongoing investigation; 6:09, Jackson Road, assisted other agency; 6:15, Andrea Terrace, abandoned call; 8:33, Harvard Road, caller seeking two lost dogs; 9:59, Patterson Road, disabled motor vehicle.

Friday, June 16

A.M. 12:34, Great Road, disturbing the peace; 1:13, Main Street, motor vehicle listed without inspection sticker; 8:51, Walker Road, general services; 8:55, ambulance sent to Squannacook Road as mutual aid; 9:05, Parker Road, motor vehicle lockout; 9:34, Ayer Road, officer wanted.

P.M. 1:53, Longley Trace; two-car motor vehicle accident without personal injury; 4:52, Lancaster Road, assisted other agency; 4:59, Fredonian Street, general services; 7:24, Keady Way, party into station reported another party was raped in the town of Westford; 8:06, Lancaster Road, noise complaint; 10:10, town streets, caller reported annoying telephone calls.

Saturday, June 17

A.M. 8:32, Parker Road, speeding complaint; 8:38, Front Street, traffic hazard; 11:04, Clark Road, motorcycle speeding complaint, spoke to driver reported operating without a helmet; 11:22, Little Turnpike Road, speeding complaint.

P.M. 12:00, Route 225, assisted Groton Police Department; 4:10, Little Turnpike Road, speeding complaint; 5:01, Front Street, motor vehicle stop, operator to be summonsed; 5:07, Dudley Road, welfare check; 9:50, ambulance sent to Fredonian Street; 10:21, Lancaster Road, accidental burglar alarm at Lura A. White School; 10:50, Phoenix Street, traffic citation.

Sunday, June 18

A.M. 2:21, Benjamin Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 10:36, Old Turnpike Road, assisted Lancaster Police Department; 10:53, Front Street, house lockout.

P.M. 3:33, Lancaster Road, box alarm, faulty; 5:08, Keady Way, officer wanted; 5:31, assisted citizen; 6:10, Center Road, general services, wires in road; 8:29, Front Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 8:45, Rodman Avenue, possible hit and run motor vehicle accident reported; 8:56, Applerock Way, suspicious activity; 9:06, Fredonian Street, group disturbance at Fredonian Park; 9:37, Briarwood Trailer Park, domestic disturbance; 11:51, Route 2, general services.

Monday, June 19

A.M. 12:45, Patterson Road, motor vehicle accident; 1:45, Patterson Road, general services.

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