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Shirley Christian Women’s Club announces new members


SHIRLEY — The Shirley Christian Women’s Club has announced the new members of its planning team.

The planning team is comprised of women who volunteer their time and talents to ensure a successful club meeting, month after month.

Dianne Lowe is the new area representative, CEO Lisa Campbell of events-planning business “In Any Event” is the new chairman, Dianne Bonnell will serve as vice chairmen, and Lori Campbell is the prayer coordinator and friendship Bible coffee coordinator. Sandy McDonald continues to serve as financial coordinator while Kristin Imperialis is the new hospitality coordinator. The literature coordinators are Huberte Cormier and Pat Strickland. Also, Katie Smith handles ticket sales, and Charlotte Shaw serves as both the nursery coordinator and reservation coordinator. Finally, the callers are Barbara Spencer, Elsie Sibal, Helen Hill, Huberte Cormier, Mae Larson, Pearl Selfridge and Judy Morico.

The Shirley Christian Women’s Club was started in 1977 and is part of the International Organization of Stonecroft Ministries.

Each meeting the club highlights local businesses, brings in talented musicians, and listens to inspirational speakers address issues that today’s women face. Meetings are held the second Monday of every month at the Bull Run Restaurant located on Route 2A in Shirley.

To learn more about the Shirley Christian Women’s Club, Stonecroft Ministries, or to join the planning team, contact Lisa at (978) 827-3070.

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