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TOWNSEND — The Board of Selectmen voted to approve a purchase contract for $348,906 with McDermott & Company Inc. to buy a new fire pumper truck, as approved at the November 2005 special town meeting.

Fire Chief William Donahue told the board the bid came in lower than the amount approved, which was $350,000.

“We came in below the price, and we are going with this lowest bid,” Donahue said.

The pumper will replace Engine One, a 1973 Maxim pumper that is no longer usable.

The new truck will have an assortment of options, according to Donahue, and will be well-suited to serve the Fire Department.

“I brought all the specifications with me from the West Newbury Fire Department when we bought a new truck there,” Donahue said. “The guys here worked very hard on this, and we got a good bid from them.”

Donahue said the purchase of the new fire truck will be much like the purchase of the new ambulance several months ago, with one important difference.

“With the ambulance, we went with the highest bid as they still came in below the allotted amount,” the chief said. “Here we are going with the lowest bid and still getting what we want and need.”

Selectman Maureen Denig was happy with the price and the work that went into getting the bids out and back.

“They got us what we need for the town, at the best price for the town,” she said.

Chairman Robert Plamondon and Selectman David Chenelle both agreed and the purchase contract for McDermott & Company was approved by unanimous vote.

The contract is now subject to final legal review by Kopelman & Page.

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