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BROOKLINE, N.H. — A Townsend man is realizing his dream of bringing auto racing to the area, and is sharing his passion with anyone interested.

Rock Dubois has opened Redneck Racing, just over the line in Brookline, N.H., and his feature attraction is an original race car that once competed in the Nextel Cup. The Ford Taurus is completely decked out in the original stickers and advertisements common to race cars and the vehicle is complete except for the motor and transmission.

Where the driver sits is now a video game, allowing visitors to take the wheel and race other cars on a simulated track.

Dubois said he got hooked on racing as a child.

“My dad used to race at the old Thompson (Conn.) Speedway and also at the Westboro Speedway, so I was brought up around race cars,” he said.

Dubois became involved in Racing Against Cancer, where he learned that he could purchase the M&M-sponsored race car.

“I’ve done the Race Against Cancer many times, and now that I own the car I do shows, birthday parties, and anything to raise a few bucks for the cause,” he said. He has done events in the Brookline area and said he is willing to travel to do more more.

Redneck Racing carries anything and everything to do with NASCAR racing. He has a full line of model cars, towels, bobblehead dolls, and even NASCAR lip balm.

“People are amazed when they come in here and see all of the memorabilia that they can get,” he said.

Dubois said racing has caught on somewhat in the Northeast, but is the entertainment lifeblood of the South.

“Racing has always been what they do down South, and to see it come up North is a thrill,” Dubois said. “There are so many racing fans in the North now, they should have somewhere to go, so I’m here.”

Anyone can sit in the race car, which he keeps in the shop. Dubois loads the car onto a trailer to bring it to events.

“I love racing and when I got hurt and was unable to continue with my stone masonry business, this just seemed the right thing to do,” Dubois said.

Redneck Racing is located on Route 13 in Brookline in the Big Bear and is open seven days a week. Dubois said he is always happy to let children see a real race car up close.

“It’s great to see the faces of kids that love cars actually be able to sit in this one and touch it,” Dubois said with a laugh. “It’s just something different for the area, and I want all car fans to be able to see a real race car that competed. Even adults play the video game.”

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