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On July Fourth, take pleasure and pride in our country and what it has done and become. If you are a citizen and have a family, take the opportunity to share with them and enjoy the story of our great country. Let them know why so many people from all across the globe want to live here. Let them know why we are the freest country on earth, the most generous, and provide the greatest hope for mankind.

Also take a moment to reflect on where we seem to be going. As more and more conservative influences are destroyed, our society seems to be flying apart. The healthy tension between order and freedom is being pushed to the limit. Moderating influences that have provided elements of stability and prudent progress are being replaced with radical theories and social transformation. All sorts of moral diseases appear to be escaping from Pandora’s Box, the worst being how our parents and ancestors are treated by some activist movements that tell the story of our country as a series of misstep and injustices. We are only able to see further into our future because of the toils and tribulations of past generations. We stand on their shoulders.

So take a moment on July Fourth and be proud that you are an American. Thank a senior, shake the hand of someone that served in our military, support our troops who are now defending our civilization against the forces of terror and tyranny. Strengthen our nation by working hard to be all that you can be and by treating all people with respect and dignity, and above all remember that your vote is your voice — use it.


Shirley RTC Chairman

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