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Kixx Vs Force

The Kixx and Force played a hard fought game despite the heat with a temperature of 90-plus degrees. The Kixx were led by the outstanding play of Brendan Cerone and Lauren Upton with their fine defense, dribbling and goal scoring. Abigail Johnson and Nicholas Cerone both showed determination and each scored a goal of their own. Will Morrissey and Isabelle Lovezzola added to the effort with good passing and all-around hustle. It was the last game of a fun season and the popsicles were extra sweet on this sunny Father’s Day afternoon.

Renegades Vs Comets

It was the last game of the season and the hottest, but the Renegades came out and played hard against the Comets. Jessica Bramlett and Rachel Pemper turned around the ball to keep it in offensive territory. The team worked hard to stay on the offensive with Katie Grace making some moves and kicking the ball for a goal. Cameron Fairweather gave 100 percent effort, playing great defense and scoring a goal. Emily Goglia kept the ball moving up the field with great passes to teammate Katie Bramlett. Nick Bissell made an awesome save and Tyler McGrath showed us some great tackling. Joe Couto really hustled and scored some red-hot goals. The team stayed strong in the heat and made it an excellent ending to a wonderful season.

Strikers Vs Spirit

The Strikers played very hard in Sunday’s game on a very hot day. Derek Pinkerton, Alexander Nick, Sean Lynch and Adam Koretsky played some great defense. Trent Costa, Grace Manley, Sean Lynch, Derek Pinkerton, and Adam Koretsky made some great offensive plays, with some great passing between Grace Manley and Taylor McLellan. There were many goals scored by both teams and we had some very nice saves made by Derek Pinkerton, Taylor McLellan, Grace Manley, Trent Costa, and Sean Lynch. Alexander Nick, Sean Lynch and Derek Pinkerton hustled throughout in a great game where everyone had fun.

Team Spirit’s season finale was played on this hot and humid Sunday morning. Ryan Ludford, Brandon Reis, Amanda Schnieder, and Kathryn Murphy played fantastic defense. The team also scored several beautiful goal and played a dynamic offense. Joseph and Kevin O’Donaghue displayed mounds of speed on the offensive line. While Marina Spagnolo, Ashley Bosworth, Caitlin Cann and James Harkin all displayed great dribbling and outstanding teamwork.


Power vs. Fire

Power worked up a sweat at their Father’s Day game against Fire. Meg Richardson’s enthusiastic defense and offense gave her a goal assist. Bryson Tang and Heather Bosworth each made excellent goals. More goals by Michael Corrado and Michael Farren flew past the opposition. Speedy Nick Dumont repeatedly brought the ball up the field. Michael Dumont’s daring defensive maneuvers frequently put Power on the offense. Madelyn Hallisey played an awesome all-around game, and incredible offense by Jayne Maranda kept her opponents on their toes. A big thank you goes to Coaches Richardson and Hallisey for teaching these players great skills with much fun and patience.

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