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PEPPERELL — The police and fire departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, June 14, and Tuesday, June 20:

Wednesday, June 14

A.M. 2:23, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation; 10:40, Lowell and Railroad streets, arrest, operating vehicle after license revocation.

P.M. 1:07, Park Street, dog issue, small Chihuahua in street without tags; 1:26, Foster Street, request for the ambulance; 1:41, Main Street, lost cell phone reported; 2:36, Groton Street, investigate past break and enter, no property taken; 3:28, Leighton Street, request for the ambulance; 6:43, Ridge Road, investigate 911 hang-up, accidental; 7:01, Main Street, report of contributing to delinquency of a minor, purchasing cigarettes; 9:05, Jewett Street, report of gunfire; 9:53, River Road, complaint about vehicle; 10:38, Main Street, serve no-trespass letter; 10:57, Main Street, stop vehicle for traffic violation, expired registration.

Thursday, June 15

A.M. 2:04, Main Street, arrest, operation of vehicle under influence of liquor, lanes violation, leaving scene; 2:29, River Road and Canal Street, investigate report of motor vehicle accident, unknown injuries; 2:58, Jewett Street, investigate report of vehicle off road; 3:10, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation; 10:05, Foster Street, request to speak to officer; 10:29, River Road, general disturbance, keeper of disorderly house; 11:08, Cottage Street, serve trespass notice.

Friday, June 16

A.M. 1:00, Parkwood Drive, request to speak to officer; Jewett Street, request for the ambulance; 7:09, Brookline Street, cow walking in road; 8:28, Main Street, subject receiving strange phone calls; 10:35, Groton and Tarbell streets, tool box dropped in roadway.

P.M. Tucker Avenue, welfare check on occupant; 1:49, Prospect Street, suspicious activity reported, subject may have taken package from porch; 2:47, Main Street, dispute between neighbors, property damage; 5:31, Railroad Street, report of vandalism to excavator; 6:39, Brookline Street, report of calves crossing roadway; 6:43, Cottage Street, report of suspicious soliciting; 7:32, River Road, item missing from barn; 7:36, Main Street, ATM card found; 9:22, Cottage Street, neighbors calling each others names; 10:35, Main Street, suspicious activity at circle gas station.

Saturday, June 17

A.M. 8:23, Bancroft Street, residential alarm activation.

P.M. 12:09, Main Street, civil standby, keep the peace; 3:41, West Street, motor vehicle complaint; 4:40, Brookline Street, cow in road; 5:18, Elm Street and River Road, request for an officer; 6:07, Lowell Road, complaint about erratic operation of vehicle; 8:47, Lawrence Street, report of people in house; 9:20, Lawrence Street, report of people with night vision glasses and camouflage clothing in yard; 10:19, Shirley Street, residential alarm activation.

Sunday, June 18

P.M. 1:45, Nashua Road, request for the ambulance; 2:27, River Road, alarm system malfunction; 2:29, Leighton Street, complaint about mini-bike; 2:57, Jewett Street, fire alarm sounding, no smoke or fire seen; 3:35, Main Street, request for officer regarding two complaints; 3:58, Ottada Way and South Road, residential alarm activation; 4:45, Leighton Street, request for the ambulance; 5:22, River Road, report of flooding in apartment; 8:29, Sartelle Street, suspicious activity report, problem with ex-husband; 8:49, Cottage Street, complain, problem with ex-husband; 11:54, Leighton Street, possible intruder reported in house.

Monday, June 19

A.M. 12:05, Lowell Road, investigate accident, truck in water; 2:16, Chestnut Street, request for the ambulance; 6:02, Nashua Road, request for officer to help gain entrance to dwelling; 8:57, Nashua Road, commercial alarm activation; 9:33, Leighton Street, commercial alarm activation; 10:56, Main Street, serve summons; 11:18, Herget Drive, message delivery for Groton police; 11:36, West Street, verbal domestic argument.

P.M. 12:58, South Road, report of scam; 2:50, Prescott Street, eggs thrown at vehicle; 4:50, Nashua Road and Merrimac Drive, disabled vehicle; 5:25, Shattuck Street, investigate 911 hang-up, misdial; 5:42, Tucker Park, boy riding bicycle on private drive, problem with parent; 6:00, Cottage Street, complaint about neighbors; 6:55, Simone Lane, truck egged overnight; 7:08, Mason Street, request for the ambulance.

Tuesday, June 20

A.M. 12:06, Nashua Road, suspicious of vehicle in driveway; 66:24, Tucker Street, cars vandalized; 7:47, Park Street, Larceny from truck, LED lighting removed; 8:29, Orion Road, drug information taken; 9:05, Leighton Street, commercial alarm activation; 11:38, Hollis Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. West Street, problem with neighbor; 1:49, Mill Street, past vandalism to vehicle; 1:54, Nashua road, request for the ambulance; 2:19, Nashua Road, check on vendor; 3:36, Main Street, serve restraining order; 7:29, Main Street, stop vehicle for traffic violation, found registration revoked, no insurance; 11:02, Lowell Road and Vesbard Lane, problem with son.


Wednesday, June 14: Joseph D. McCosker, 36, 44 Haskell Road, operating vehicle after suspension of license, operating vehicle without registration.

Thursday, June 15: Brian Doucette, 27, 29 Canal Street, operating vehicle under influence of liquor, leaving scene of accident, failure to stay in lanes, operating without license.

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