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TOWNSEND — Two-hundred Hawthorne Brook Middle School eighth-graders took a final walk through the auditorium as they graduated in front of a crowd that filled the room to capacity.

Principal Dr. Pamela A. Miller and Assistant Principal Arthur J. O’Connor congratulated and presented diplomas to the students, followed by a speech by Katherine Murray, student council president.

“We came here as sixth-graders, and were all excited to be getting lockers,” said Murray.

“As eighth-graders, we were the cream of the crop, no one was older than us. Next year we will again be excited and a little bit scared,” she said. “We will be going to something all new. Many of us went to Washington D.C. recently for a field trip and that is filled with memories.”

She thanked the entire faculty and all of the parents for “being there for us every step of the way.”

The marquis inside of the cafeteria boasted the message “Best wishes and congratulations to the eighth-graders from the entire Hawthorne Brook staff.”

A surprise gift of flowers was given to Mrs. Donna Kenyon, the school secretary, who will not be returning in the fall. Kenyon’s position was terminated due to budget cuts.

Kenyon was called to the stage for the presentation to a standing ovation and applause by students and faculty alike.

“Mrs. Kenyon has made a significant impact (on) every child here,” said Murray.

Kenyon, who had been secretary for six years, had no idea the students were doing anything special for her.

“I will sorely miss everyone of them, and every teacher and administrator here,” Kenyon said.

O’Connor then presented the class of 2010 to the audience.

Students spent time hugging and congratulating each other after the ceremony and enjoyed refreshments donated by their parents.

“It is always exciting to see students go on to high school,” Kenyon said at the end of the ceremony.

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