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HARVARD — The police, fire and ambulance departments responded to the following incidents between Tuesday, June 20, and Sunday, June 25:

Tuesday, June 20

A.M. 9:01, Mass Avenue and Pond Road, traffic stop; 10:47, Armstrong Road, fire alarm.

P.M. 1:27, police station, general services; 11:29, Mass Avenue, traffic stop.

Wednesday, June 21

A.M. 9:55, Mass Avenue and Pond Road, parking complaint.

P.M. 5:15, report of credit card, ATM fraud; 8:02, Stow Road and I-495 bridge, traffic stop; 11:28, Lancaster County Road, check parked vehicles.

Thursday, June 22

A.M. 1:55, Ayer Road, check parked vehicles; 6:20, school, burglar alarm; 10:01, Candleberry Lane, residential alarm; 2:45, Bolton Road, medical call; 3:44, Depot Road, medical call; 7:04 same; 8:44, Mill Road, grass fire; 11:32, elementary school, medical call.

Friday, June 23

A.M. 1:31, Bromfield School, suspicious activity; 1:38, Ayer and Old Mill roads, traffic stop; 11:19, Lancaster County Road, Fire Dept. sent; 11:42, Poor Farm Road, residential alarm; 11:52, lost cell phone.

P.M. 1:07, Brown Road, suspicious activity; 1:30, Madigan Lane, residential alarm; 4:34, Route 2E, motor vehicle accident, medical; 5:15, credit card, ATM fraud; 18:54, Hill Crest Drive, smell of smoke, Fire Dept. notified; 11:30, Whitman Road, suspicious motor vehicle.

Saturday, June 24

A.M. 1:30, Still River Road, check parked vehicles; 8:45, Route 2E, medical and fire; 10:23, lost keys with lock.

P.M. 12:45, Mass Avenue and Boxborough town line, truck running vehicles off road; 3:17, Ayer Road, dog bite; 4:07, Littleton County Road and Mass Avenue, disabled vehicle; 6:05, Stow Road, motor vehicle accident, arrest; 6:50, Ayer Road, alarm sounding; 10:14, Myrick Lane and Ann Lees Road, gun shots heard.

Sunday, June 25

A.M. 2:46 Pond Road, check parked vehicle; 3:12, Old Shirley and South Shaker roads, citizen assist; 11:22, Ayer Road, disabled vehicle, out of gas.

P.M. 12:12, Bromfield School, ambulance; 7:54, Prospect Hill Road, residential alarm; 10:09, Babbitt Lane, tree in road; 11:47, Ayer Road, check parked vehicle.

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