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SHIRLEY — Both the Fire and Police departments have negative payroll balances that total a projected shortfall of up to $18,387 that has been incurred over the past two weeks, according the town accountant Bobbi Jo Colburn.

Since the departments have exceeded their payroll budgets, Colburn requested during the June 26 Finance Committee meeting that the committee transfer the money from the town’s reserve fund account.

“I need to at least cover the deficits,” she said.

The balance of the reserve account, Colburn said, was $19,196. The balance, should the shortfall be covered under the account, would be reduced to approximately $800.

“My concern is payroll,” she said. “I have to pay payroll.”

The committee voted to approve the transfer to offset the negative balances except for overtime projections from the Fire Department, which Colburn said she expected to be between $1,600 and $2,000. The exact amount of overtime cost for Fire Department employees would be available June 30, she said.

By doing so, the committee intended to satisfy the deficit until the committee meets on July 10 when they will review the figures again.

Member Michael Smith noted that the Police Department expense account shows a $6,000 balance, then asked if it was possible to transfer departmental funds between the accounts.

The department may have outstanding bills, Colburn said.

With the balance of the reserve account dwindling, members checked the balance of the energy reserve account.

Just under $2,400 remains, according to Smith.

Following the discussion, member representative Frank Kolarik, who has been attending the School Committee’s meetings on behalf of the committee, gave a brief update of his findings.

The School Committee spent time last week with a representative of the firm hired to help with the upcoming superintendent search who explained the process, Kolarik said.

In addition, the projected carryover from this year’s school budget is approximately $218,000, he said.

Kolarik also reported that the committee has identified $229,000 in problems the middle school that need to be resolved.

“I think there are still questions about who is responsible (for the repairs),” he said.

At the close of the meeting, the Finance Committee reorganized electing Kolarik as chairman and new member Ellen Doiron as vice chairman.

Member Heidi Humecki attended her final meeting that evening, as she has resigned from her position on the board.

Two appointed positions are currently open on the committee.

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