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Dear editor:

Did you know that the Williams Barn was built in the 1840s and that the Williams family has lived continuously in Groton since 1655? Ask one of our Groton third-grade students and they will tell you about the barn. The Groton third-grade classes attended a field trip at the Williams Barn to learn about life on a Groton farm in the 1800s. Members of the Groton Women’s Club dressed in period costume and gave the children a history lesson on the Williams family, the important features of the barn, and how the milking process was run in the 1840s. They learned about the lives of children at that time and were able to make butter and buttermilk and play some old fashioned games.

Everyone enjoyed learning about one of our “treasures” in Groton and the Williams Barn Committee and Women’s Club hope to make this a regularly-scheduled field trip. It is a pleasure teaching the children about local history and we welcome them back to the Williams barn if they want to show it off to their families. The barn will be open for the farmer’s market in the summer and family programs are scheduled for the fall and winter.

Special thanks go out to Women’s Club members Pat Hallet, Paula Lantz, Barbara Badstubner, Marie Melican, Susan Van Abs, Judy Leger and Berta Erickson. They worked hard to make this a very successful trip for the children. Thank you to Al Wyatt and the late Vic Burton of the Williams Barn for all of their knowledge and help; and thank you to the teachers and students for eagerly joining us to learn about the barn.



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