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AYER — As the end of the school year approaches, Ayer Middle School announced its final students of the month.

During the assembly June 5, the school honored award recipients with a certificate, a small gift from the “little something” box and a pin that enabled them to be the first in line for lunch.

The fifth-grade team nominated Kelly Gallagher, Caitlin Shaughnessy and Jordan St. Cyr.

Gallagher’s teachers know her as a “sweet-hearted student who is quiet yet charismatic and serious yet silly.” Teachers also praised Gallagher for being an extremely hard worker.

Teacher Nancy Pasquaretta nominated Shaughnessy for her “hard work all year and for showing improvement in all academic areas Caitlin is polite, considerate and a real pleasure to have in class.”

St. Cyr was noticed by Brian Maver, of the physical education department, for his “positive attitude and excellent participation in all P.E. activities.”

The sixth-grade team recognized Steven Turra and Jillian Spann. Turra received the award for his “excellent work with watercolors and his hard work all year long (Spann is) a model student who is hardworking (and) cheerful.”

Seventh-graders Emily Sama and Coleen Casey received certificates as well. Sama is known for her “dedication and hard work, as well as her willingness to try new things.”

Casey’s teachers described her as being “quietly respectful, cooperative, responsible and helpful to students and staff.”

Melissa D’Amico and Amber Desjardin were both recognized by the eighth-grade team.

Diane Kablik, the middle school technology teacher, recognized D’Amico for “demonstrating excellence and creativity in technology.”

Math teacher Mark Sinopoli said of Desjardin, “she is delightful and charismatic and brings a smile to the face of all she meets. She gives 100 percent effort to her work both in and out of class.”

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