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HARVARD — The Board of Selectmen has held its annual retreat, an open meeting that was duly posted, where it discussed eight topics in an Action Items list that it plans to cover in the year ahead.

It took place on May 1, at 5:30 p.m., in the public safety building

The annual retreat, usually held in the late afternoon or early evening, if not on a weekend, is a kind of post-election supper seminar in which board members share pizza and ideas in an informal setting and come up with agenda topics for the coming year. No votes are taken at the meeting, and no minutes are generated.

The resulting list is based on priority issues the board wants to take action on in the near future. This year’s list includes hot topics such as the Devens disposition and back-burner items that have simmered for some time such as traffic safety and ambulance billing.

The following summary lists the topics in the order that they were presented. It includes the board’s discussion of these topics at its May 16 meeting.

Devens disposition: The board will hold a public hearing on the final draft of the MOU on June 6.

State Sen. Pam Resor and state Rep. James Eldridge have agreed to attend. The two legislators are expected to weigh in on Devens housing and whether MassDevelopment may move to get an act of the legislature to green light its full buildout plans — 1,800 units — if the 2B town-building initiative fails at the local level.

On July 11, the board will hold a hearing on the disposition process.

The future of the town center municipal buildings: The board plans to appoint a committee to explore alternative uses for the old library, Town Hall and Hildreth House, with a report anticipated by September.

Suggestions are already in the pipeline, and other town boards will likely be part of the process at some point. Selectman Robert Eubank is drafting a charge for the new group.

Town center wastewater disposal: The board voted at the May 16 meeting to hire Environmental Partners Group to do hydro-testing on the Dolan-Mason land. It is envisioned as a site for a leach field for a future town center sewer district.

The cost of the work — $17,500 — was approved by voters at the March 2006 town meeting.

Traffic Safety: The board has asked the town administrator to work with the Department of Public Works director and the police chief to address traffic safety concerns in town including risky intersections on Ayer Road. A report is expected in August.

Regional dispatch: At the board’s request, the town administrator, police chief and fire chief will explore the possibility of providing dispatch services for Devens. A report is expected in August.

Affordable housing: The board wants to explore the idea of consolidating separate entities working on affordable housing initiatives under one umbrella, that of the newly-established Municipal Affordable Housing Trust.

Ambulance billing: Again, the exploration of an idea. Eubank will prepare a report.

Westward Orchards Prospect Hill Road land: The board has asked the ad-hoc committee exploring the possible town acquisition of this land to join with the Conservation Commission and complete its work by the end of June.