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Blast vs. Spirit

For the Blast, Aaron Berry, Brenden Sullivan, David Mac Innes, Nicholas Basti, Owen Marr, and Paige Campano all scored many goals. Caitlyn Galey had a great assist on a goal while Madelyn Campano, Brooke Baker, and Brennan Pepe all showed great defensive skills.

The Spirit came ready to play and got great first half teamwork that led to several goals for for James Harkins, Marina Spagnolo and Kathryn Murphy. Showing some fine defensive plays were Kevin Stinson, Ryan Ludford, Ashley Bosworth. Joe Stinson, Grace Doyle and Caitlin Cann played a solid two way game to create several scoring opportunities. Brandon Reiss and Amanda Snyder played a great game and had several great runs with the ball that kept the Blast on their toes.

Renegades Vs. Fury

This was the Renegades’ most challenging game yet and they rose to the occasion with admirable speed and hustle. Rachel Pemper and McKenzie McGuirk ran a tireless offense while Ryan Radwich and Emily Goglia maintained a determined defense, aided by skilled blocking from Tyler McGrath. Smooth passes from Katie Grace to Jessica Bramlett, and from Nick Bissell to Joe Couto, kept the ball under Renegade control. Cameron Fairweather continues to be a standout tackle. Nimble Katie Bramlett led the team in scoring with five goals. Once again, the Renegades’ teamwork and unwavering enthusiasm made them a force to be reckoned with.

Team Fury had many goals scored by Seth Drahusz, Samantha Lynch, Hannah Nolan, Riley Patenaude, and Shane Picariello. Hustling up and down the field were Abigail Hoey and Olivia Lowrey. Defensive plays were exhibited by Jake Reardon, Kaitlyn May and Zack Wales with an exceptional block by Kaitlyn.

Crusaders Vs. Strikers

The Crusaders and Strikers played a great game this week. Goals were scored by Nicholas Montibello (3) and Timothy Livingston. Matt Livingston, Jonah Stephens, Stephanie Epstein, Sarah Maine and Annabelle Corrado assisted in the offense with great passing and played great defense throughout the game.

The Kixx played a fast paced game on Sunday. For the Kixx, Amanda Bowley, Nicholas Cerone, Brendan Cerone and Emily Plummer all scored nice goals. Lauren Upton, Abigail Johnson and Christopher TenBroeck all displayed good dribbling skills and had some very nice shots. David Kimetto, Isabelle Lovezzola, and Will Morrissey hustled and made some nice defensive plays.

Force Vs. Comets


Rapids vs. Bulldogs

Good sportsmanship started the rainy game off with Matthew Landino, Olivia Sergi and Haley Nolan of the Rapids gladly helping out the short-handed Bulldog team. Colin MacMahon was active in many quick drive plays along with Chris Douglas, who accurately passed to the quick, nimble Shalee Callahan for a goal, one of several for her. Madison Kraus made a great defensive play, defying the slippery conditions with her quick kicking action. Many fast, determined defensive moves were made by Monica Feinberg, who was undaunted by speedy oncoming Bulldog players. Calie Bridges not only helped out on defense at the goal, but also showed her strong offensive kicking power. The pouring rain could not stop the fast-running Adam Rubinic on the field today. Ryan Accomazzo deflected an oncoming goal drive and later ran and passed well. Matthew Cole offered a variety of defense moves including an amazing dragback, wrapping up with an exciting goal run.

Power vs. Revolution

Andrew Simonich and Michael Farren started aggressively with multiple goals each. Both Michael Corrado’s and Michael Dumont’s tricky maneuvers took the ball away from their opponents. Nick Dumont powerfully charged the ball up the field and Monica Desmond forced the ball through some tough opposition. Emily Lawrence displayed several strong and purposeful offensive kicks and Madison Koutrouba scored with her fancy footwork. Heather Bosworth and Jayne Maranda showed off their excellent ball handling skills. Meg Richardson’s and Matthew Simonich’s great passing skills and teamwork were awesome. The whole Power team played together magnificently.


The Girls U10B team played against Stow on Saturday at Comiskey Field. Macey Lorden tended goal for the entire game and had some great saves. Sam Libonate played well on both offense and defense showing off great ball handling skills. Kate Maranda really hustled and seemed to pop out of nowhere to sweep the ball away from the net while playing defense. Meaghan Turcotte showed good ball control playing offense and had several shots on goal which just missed the net. Lauren Kennedy scored Pepperell’s only goal of the game late in the second half. All the girls demonstrated good ball handling and passing skills. Lauren Foley, Julia Church and AbbyRae Bradbury all played well on defense. Megan Zaloudek, Kylene O’Neill and Jenni Sheridan all played well on offense.

Pepperell GU10C Vs. Stow E

Pepperell once again demonstrated great teamwork and improving skills. Sabrina Pinkerton and Kayla Delaney each took a turn as goalie and had several great saves against a strong opponent. Blair Izbicki scored two goals in the game with an assist from Morgan Amiot. The offense was strong with scoring opportunities by Amy Flournoy, Holly Reardon, Daria Vinchesi, Emily Flavin and Morgan Amiot. Catherine O’Shea and Emma Rist provided a strong defense with several great kicks. Emily, Kayla and Blaire showed good control while dribbling the ball and Holly, Morgan and Sabrina all made great passes to their teammates.


Pepperell U12GC 5

Groton 4

Pepperell defended their home turf by pulling out an exciting win. Maria Silveroli scored two goals, one being a particularly nice shot off her own rebound. Kaitlyn Ramsey scored a one-timer after a picture perfect pass from Charlotte Steeves. Maggie Desmond scored her first goal of the year after a dogged pursuit for the ball. Moriah Cummings played her best game, clogging the middle of the field and not allowing momentum on the Groton side. Moriah also chipped in a goal. The team stopped a direct kick near the end of the game that would have tied things up by forming a wall in front of the net. Several nice stops by second half goalie Emily Blanton kept Pepperell in the lead. Laura Jamison played a great game at the sweeper position.


Pepperell U12B 1

Stow A 1

Pepperell traveled to Stow and earned a gutsy tie. Pepperell scored first when Zack Miller’s low corner kick made it to the far post where Ryan Greelis was waiting to bang it home for his third goal of the season. Some solid defense by Chris Gersh helped to keep Stow scoreless in the first half. The second half was all Stow as the Pepperell defense hung tough with Anthony Sisti breaking up the Stow scoring threats and once again Nathan Spiegel was sensational in goal, not allowing a goal in 3 quarters of play.